Aug 19, 2014

A whole lotta summer fun!

A lot has happened besides Cailyn turning 3!  In June we moved and it was flawless.  Cailyn was pumped to move and loves her new house.  We have two little girls next door and a friendship is blooming nicely.  Our new house backs onto a park which is a lot of fun.  On July 1st we let off fireworks and had a party to celebrate Canada day. We all had a great time and the kids enjoyed staying up super late!

Girls catching up after not seeing each other :)

Daddy making sure everyone is AOK!

Fun late at night!

Uncle Dominic

Pretty in pink with a sparkler
It was great to have friends over to the new house , have some fun, some food and a whole lotta wine!
A few days later Cailyn was plagued with hand foot and mouth disease again!  This time it was tough, painful and very hard on our little girl.  She spent a week at home and suffered through the pain.  We are more than happy that this is over!! More confirmed cases at her school since so it is indeed going around. 
A day at the park with a BBQ and splash pad and another girl to play with is always fun!

Swimming is always a fun summer activity. I have many fond memories swimming with friends as a child and it is a true joy to give Cailyn these memories.  She is becoming a decent swimmer despite her "I Can't" phase..

I made the mistake of buying a Barbie music CD.  We ALL KNOW all the words of every song, and sometimes after school we sit in the car, in the garage and listen one...more...time ....

Mid August we headed to African Lion's Safari with friends and unfortunately the weather was not good.  Despite the weather we saw lots of animals and Cailyn rode her first pony. Many pony attempts in the past but she finally decided she was ready for the $6.00 two minute experience.



The biggest news of all is how successful Cailyn has been with the potty/toilet.  Three Friday's ago she decided she was done with pull ups and initiated potty usage.  She has had two accidents in three weeks and both times were as a result of over excitement.  Now, three weeks in, she goes and does her business by herself, no help needed.  We tried so hard in December to potty train and am I ever glad we stopped and let kiddo tell us when she was ready.  This has been a stress free potty experience for all of us, most importantly Cailyn.

The summers always seem to go so quickly, and now, with Cailyn in our life the summer feels like it just began yet is almost over.  This week we have surrogacy friends in town with their almost 4 year old twins.  It is beyond comprehension to spend time together as families and see our children play together. We worked very hard and suffered tremendous loss and pain to get to this point.  We met this couple on a surrogacy in India forum in 2008, connected in person when the IP mom came to Canada in 2009 to see family and have remained connected since.  We chat on the phone, share email and whatsapp as often as our busy lives allow for it.  They are private people (unlike me) and I respect that.  I will share a few pics of our kids playing together for Cailyn's memories captured on this blog. 

This week we will head to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) to see my Little Pony , ride some cheesy rides and spend time with our out of town surrogacy friends. Again, it's a little overwhelming to think we are doing these kind of family outings, finally, with our children.  Mind blowing!

Aug 11, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Like all of us bloggers, finding time to write is a challenge.  So much has happened since April that I want to document here for Cailyn and time just gets away from me!
Cailyn will officially be three on the 17th of August but her BFF is off to Europe during her bday so we decided to have her party a week early. We were very fortunate that the weather was on our side at 28 Celcius.  Like all other kids around the world, Cailyn loves FROZEN... We wanted a Frozen bouncy castle for the party, but Disney will not release it until September so we opted to have Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends.  Cailyn had three little friends join her and an older boy (brother) came later.  This was Cailyn's Wedding!  She was worried all week about the party planning, food etc and on the actual day she was pumped up! We had a wonderful time enjoying the celebrations and when the cake came out we had one very tickled little girl.  I worked on an Elsa cake for Cailyn which turned out looking pretty good, and tasted really good!  All the kids loved the cake with Elsa on it. The craziest observation by our bigger guests is how similar Cailyn and Lily are.  It's like they are the same little girl, in two bodies.  They both are very intelligent, left handed, and finish each other sentences.  There is a theory that these girls were best friends in a past life, and I tend to think I believe this based on what I see when they are together.  Of any friends they could have, they chose each other.

Big news in advance of the party was that a week earlier, Cailyn decided she was done with pull ups and self initiated potty training.  She has had only one accident in the first week and that was on day two.  We are very proud of her taking this step of responsibility.  Potty training became lowest on our list of things to worry about, and we embraced the fact that when she is ready she will let us know. A psychologist once said that kids don't go to college in diapers so stop worrying...she was right!

We have had three amazing years with Cailyn in our life.  The time has gone too quickly for my liking!  Our little miracle continues to surprise us and teach us and we are eternally grateful to India for this treasure in our lives.  Happy 3rd Birthday Cailyn!!!

That's Tinkerbell!!!


If only I heard what hey were talking about!

Dinner - everyone was super thirsty after all the bouncing!

Taking a few minutes to colour

Look at the air Jason is getting!!!

Party time.

Shock and awe at her cake


Two of my masterpieces!

Girl chat

Cute disruption to girl chat!

Elsa cake!

BFF's take time to relax ...girl style

Bouncing maniacs!

Present time - spoiled by her friends!

BFF Necklace - Cailyns half says Best and Lily's half says friends.  So adorable!

May 15, 2014

Easter Weekend and our excited little girl

Easter Sunday we had Cailyn's BFF come over for an egg hunt and a ladies lunch.   These two are beyond adorable together.  The excitement to spend time together away from school and the love they have for each other is over the top!  Before Lily arrived the Easter Bunny was able to hide many eggs out in our yard for the girls to find.  And, in typical girl fashion, crowns were adorned for the outdoor hunt! 

Cuteness beyond measure! BFF's!

Hard to find eggs with these dang crowns!


The race is on!


Looking for eggs..

Ladies Lunch!

On Easter Saturday we went to a local Easter fair. With much hesitation and very deep thought, Cailyn worked her way through the emotions and rationalization of going on rides.  The first one was a mild jeep ride and the second was a roller coaster.  As I watched her on the roller coaster my heart pounded in complete and utter fear! Looking back on this I was crazy to let her go on this ride as it had a simple rope and two dog clips to hold her in...cheesy carnie ride.  Anywho, she enjoyed it an over came a fear. Cailyn is not the kind of kid who just does things - she thinks through it, understands the consequences and makes the decision based on what feels right at that moment.  Most kids just do it, not our Cailyn. 
Recently we took Cailyn to the new house for a visit.  We want to ease her into the idea that she will be in a new house soon.  The cool thing is that the room that will be hers is already painted pink and this kick started her over whelming joy with the new house.  Once she saw the inside, we headed out to the back yard and showed her that the big fence opens up to an amazing wonderland called a park!  She was overjoyed and beyond excited!  The current home owner, single woman going through a life changing moment - quit work, sold her house, bought a new house in the north and will have an online chocolate shop - bought Cailyn two dolls in anticipation of our visit.  Cailyn felt right at home as the home owner let Cailyn play with anything and everything in the house.  We measured a few windows and after one hour departed.  That night after a story, Cailyn put her tiny palms on my face and said "Mommy, no more story, lets talk about the house...its AMAZING!  Did you see my room, its pink, and there's a park, its AMAZING , I love it!!, I want to see the house video, get it on the ipad please"  This convo went on for almost 40 minutes when I finally told her night night. A couple hours later she awoke to talk about the house.  She its pumped to move and talks about the house a lot.  We hope that come day one in the new house, she feels the same excitement.  
Cailyn is excited to have three candles on her cake at the new house, with a Monster Inc themed party including a Princess Bouncy Castle and all her friends. It is had to believe that in three months, Cailyn will be 3!
Now that the weather is nice, our house is cleaner as we spend most of our free time outside.


Apr 18, 2014

March and Early April

It has been a busy four weeks.  Mark and I got very sick with flu and bronchitis and fortunately little Cailyn only suffered Pink Eye (conjunctivitis).  During this time I also started a new job in a new industry - with a new culture and a start up feel.  So far all is good.  Every ones health is better and we are looking forward to this Easter long weekend.  The weekend is jammed full of activities but it will still be super nice to spend time together as a family.  The weather is trying to break into some semblance of far this has been disappointing but we get out as often as we can to enjoy the small bursts of sunshine and vitamin D.  3 weeks ago we ended up at urgent care after Cailyn touched a non-prickly cactus.  Scary times driving to the urgent care watching your babies face, tongue and neck swell.  Fortunately some steroids and Benadryl took the swelling down very quickly.  In the proper lighting you could see a million baby cactus spines in Cailyn's hands.  The poor girl was in tremendous pain, and after hours of negotiating with her we finally convinced her to have a salted bath.  She instantly got relief in the bath as we played games and sang songs that encouraged her to put her hands in the water then remove them.  After the first dipping of the hands Cailyn told us "the water makes my hands feel better".  What relief for her and for us.  She was quite excited to tell her friends at school about her adventures the next day!

Cailyn will have her Intellectual Giftedness assessment at the age of three so that we can insure that she gets into the appropriate schooling program.  We are quite fortunate that by fluke, our new house is in a school district that has two schools for gifted children.  The program is called IEP - Individualized Education Program.  Typical junior kindergarten curriculum will be based on a grade 3-5 level. We are working very hard to ensure she remains a goofy active little girl and at the same time nourishing her brain that never stops - NEVER!   She is a true joy in our life and as all parents, we work diligently to provide for our child needs.  Our child needs constant brain stimulation - boredom is the devil for Cailyn.  It can be challenging to spend all waking hours on constant stimulation but it is a joy and we embrace it.  We are fortunate to have this side of a developmental spectrum!

Juicing with daddy

Take three beets and pile them - they become a burger.  Enjoy!

Still smiling with Cactus spines in her hands.  Can't close her hands due to the tremendous pain.

She loves to paint!

Pipeline update from school...

Another pipeline update
After bath ..playing Hungy Hungry Hippos with "dad"