May 15, 2014

Easter Weekend and our excited little girl

Easter Sunday we had Cailyn's BFF come over for an egg hunt and a ladies lunch.   These two are beyond adorable together.  The excitement to spend time together away from school and the love they have for each other is over the top!  Before Lily arrived the Easter Bunny was able to hide many eggs out in our yard for the girls to find.  And, in typical girl fashion, crowns were adorned for the outdoor hunt! 

Cuteness beyond measure! BFF's!

Hard to find eggs with these dang crowns!


The race is on!


Looking for eggs..

Ladies Lunch!

On Easter Saturday we went to a local Easter fair. With much hesitation and very deep thought, Cailyn worked her way through the emotions and rationalization of going on rides.  The first one was a mild jeep ride and the second was a roller coaster.  As I watched her on the roller coaster my heart pounded in complete and utter fear! Looking back on this I was crazy to let her go on this ride as it had a simple rope and two dog clips to hold her in...cheesy carnie ride.  Anywho, she enjoyed it an over came a fear. Cailyn is not the kind of kid who just does things - she thinks through it, understands the consequences and makes the decision based on what feels right at that moment.  Most kids just do it, not our Cailyn. 
Recently we took Cailyn to the new house for a visit.  We want to ease her into the idea that she will be in a new house soon.  The cool thing is that the room that will be hers is already painted pink and this kick started her over whelming joy with the new house.  Once she saw the inside, we headed out to the back yard and showed her that the big fence opens up to an amazing wonderland called a park!  She was overjoyed and beyond excited!  The current home owner, single woman going through a life changing moment - quit work, sold her house, bought a new house in the north and will have an online chocolate shop - bought Cailyn two dolls in anticipation of our visit.  Cailyn felt right at home as the home owner let Cailyn play with anything and everything in the house.  We measured a few windows and after one hour departed.  That night after a story, Cailyn put her tiny palms on my face and said "Mommy, no more story, lets talk about the house...its AMAZING!  Did you see my room, its pink, and there's a park, its AMAZING , I love it!!, I want to see the house video, get it on the ipad please"  This convo went on for almost 40 minutes when I finally told her night night. A couple hours later she awoke to talk about the house.  She its pumped to move and talks about the house a lot.  We hope that come day one in the new house, she feels the same excitement.  
Cailyn is excited to have three candles on her cake at the new house, with a Monster Inc themed party including a Princess Bouncy Castle and all her friends. It is had to believe that in three months, Cailyn will be 3!
Now that the weather is nice, our house is cleaner as we spend most of our free time outside.


Apr 18, 2014

March and Early April

It has been a busy four weeks.  Mark and I got very sick with flu and bronchitis and fortunately little Cailyn only suffered Pink Eye (conjunctivitis).  During this time I also started a new job in a new industry - with a new culture and a start up feel.  So far all is good.  Every ones health is better and we are looking forward to this Easter long weekend.  The weekend is jammed full of activities but it will still be super nice to spend time together as a family.  The weather is trying to break into some semblance of far this has been disappointing but we get out as often as we can to enjoy the small bursts of sunshine and vitamin D.  3 weeks ago we ended up at urgent care after Cailyn touched a non-prickly cactus.  Scary times driving to the urgent care watching your babies face, tongue and neck swell.  Fortunately some steroids and Benadryl took the swelling down very quickly.  In the proper lighting you could see a million baby cactus spines in Cailyn's hands.  The poor girl was in tremendous pain, and after hours of negotiating with her we finally convinced her to have a salted bath.  She instantly got relief in the bath as we played games and sang songs that encouraged her to put her hands in the water then remove them.  After the first dipping of the hands Cailyn told us "the water makes my hands feel better".  What relief for her and for us.  She was quite excited to tell her friends at school about her adventures the next day!

Cailyn will have her Intellectual Giftedness assessment at the age of three so that we can insure that she gets into the appropriate schooling program.  We are quite fortunate that by fluke, our new house is in a school district that has two schools for gifted children.  The program is called IEP - Individualized Education Program.  Typical junior kindergarten curriculum will be based on a grade 3-5 level. We are working very hard to ensure she remains a goofy active little girl and at the same time nourishing her brain that never stops - NEVER!   She is a true joy in our life and as all parents, we work diligently to provide for our child needs.  Our child needs constant brain stimulation - boredom is the devil for Cailyn.  It can be challenging to spend all waking hours on constant stimulation but it is a joy and we embrace it.  We are fortunate to have this side of a developmental spectrum!

Juicing with daddy

Take three beets and pile them - they become a burger.  Enjoy!

Still smiling with Cactus spines in her hands.  Can't close her hands due to the tremendous pain.

She loves to paint!

Pipeline update from school...

Another pipeline update
After bath ..playing Hungy Hungry Hippos with "dad"


Our video of support for INSTAR

          To see more videos like ours please visit the INSTAR blog

Mar 9, 2014

February and Early March 2014

February was another fun filled month with Miss Cailyn!   Growth and development remain off the charts and we are starting to look at schools to stimulate her intellect. 
Cailyn has suffered viral hives for 10 days now.  They seem not to bother her but they look awful!  They pop up quickly and go away as quick as they come, and this is an all day occurrence.   Dr. says not to worry but if they continue we may look at allergy testing.

All is great in Cailyn land and life is good!

A message to BFF Lily

The now daily worn kitty cat suit

Pre Bed time fun with daddy

Cailyn comes home from school with pig tails and braids.  Funny how she how no patience at home for this!

A new found fondness...dresses and tiara's! Everyday after school we rush home to put on the dress du jour.  I finally found a tiara to add to the fun and it is a BIG hit. 

Sunglass swap with daddy after breakfast at a restaurant.  Fun!

Shaving cream fun!


Early March goose egg... poor kiddo was dancing with Lily and these goofy girls were having too much fun and Cailyn fell forehead first into a cement wall.  It was quite concerning to me at first sight but lots of homeopatics and 36 hours later there was no sign of it.

Craft time at school

Sitting on the couch with BFF Lily

Cailyn is obsessed with the idea of going to Tim Horton's - not just the drive through but sitting inside.  I opted to get her a sprinkle donut one morning for fun.  She ate 50% of the sprinkles and the rest went to the garbage!

Jan 31, 2014

January 2014

It is very difficult to comprehend that our little girl will soon be 2&1/2 years young!  The time has gone so quickly - I guess the speed of time is driven by the fulfilment in our life! 
January has been less of a busy month for us and we have enjoyed time with friends, sledding, going out here and there and spending time with family.  We are house hunting and Cailyn still insists that we get a house with a pool and a pony.  We hope to find a home in a neighbourhood with lots of kids and wonderful families.  Previous home purchases were geared towards peace and serenity and now with Cailyn our focus is completely the opposite.  I am looking for a great job as well as looking for a new home.  It's an exciting time for us as we open new doors and new opportunities. 
Recently I bought Cailyn a dreamy ballerina dress, which of course she loves!  Every day after school she demands to wear it around the house, dancing and twirling and singing with it on.  Soon she will be elevated a level at school again.  I dread the transition as it is difficult on her and mommy.  Fortunately, this will be it until she starts kindergarten.
Not a days goes by that we do not think of our surrogate.  Cailyn is quite proud to tell perfect strangers that she was born in India.  We are very proud of her embracing the difference.  We would love to return one day to reunite with our surrogate and give her the opportunity to see what a tremendous gift she has given to us. 

Playing with daddy and grapefruits Jan 27, 2014
Jan 23, 2014 - bossy girl!
Jan 22, 2014  - the dress obsession
The dress obsession part 2

Jan 8, 2014

The Last Week of 2013

The last two weeks of 2013 were super busy, a lot of fun and mildly exhausting.  On the 28th we went to Sesame Street Live which Cailyn LOVED - and we bumped into one of her classmates (Harrison) there so that was fun!  Grover's friend Champki from India visited Toronto to teach the  Sesame Street crew the Jai Ho dance.  Fun fun fun!

The video below is from when the show opened.  Cailyn was so happy and excited and I am so happy we captured it on video.  Beside Cailyn is me...wiping my tears away...why tears?  Well, this was one of those moments I felt so full of joy to have Cailyn in my life that it overwhelmed me.  Seeing her so excited was exactly what I wanted my child to experience, and the fact that finally I was able to also experience this just took over my emotions.

The next day we were off to Chuck E Cheese with friends which I have already blogged about.  Then, it was New Years Eve day and friend called to see if we wanted to do an unplanned, impromptu NYE celebration.  It was a great evening with the kidlets enjoying themselves and the adults enjoying a little food and drink.  The kids all took a bath together and snuggled up on the floor with blankets to watch a movie. 

Cailyn's boyfriend Maxime.  She LOVES him...

The night ended like this.....
2014 is here and I am looking forward to what it brings!  Cailyn continues to develop both emotionally and intellectually.  We remain in awe of her every day -  she says words like anticipation and confused and jealous.  It is just crazy how much we enjoy her and her quirky personality!  I will leave this post with some songs by Cailyn.  Happy New Year!

Dec 30, 2013

Cailyn and Jason

I have had the pleasure to make a really nice friend at my previous hmm hmm employment!  We have committed to getting together and after Saturday seeing these two run around, we are for sure doing this more often!  Cailyn hates to wear pants, socks and shoes...most of her childhood pictures will be of her half naked! Quirky girl! 

Dec 29, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

This not working for a living deal is pretty cool!! Cailyn is reaping the benefits of a refreshed mommy and a daddy who is on the mend.  Today we headed to Chuck E Cheese with friends made through India.  We all had a great time and Mark enjoyed the gluten free pizza!  The girls ate, played and ran around.  It was a wonderful afternoon with amazing friends!  

The girls...friends for life!


Alot of tickets won! (phony baloney smile)
Cash em in!

Chuck E himself!  Very big excitement!