Aug 29, 2008

The Journey Begins...

Well, our friends and family know our struggles and how desperately we want a family. After the heartbreak and failed attempts we are on to a new journey. This new journey is exciting and scary all in one! What is this journey....well....we are looking at! I know it sounds almost crazy but its a great option for us and we are investigating the process and legal requirements. We have been fortunate to find an agency in India that is very highly recommended and also have made contact with a wonderful lawyer. So, on the checklist of 2,180 items, we can tick off three. Baby steps for sure, but steps in the right direction. This decision is all consuming...we think about it all day, we talk about it alot and we jot down our thoughts and questions. We have told some family and dear friends and are fortunate that the responses have been enthusiastic and supportive. We have so many things to sort through and know that the process will take time. Through an online support forum we are reading of others successes and losses and the heartfelt reality of this decision. The forum is an international family full of well wishes and wonderful information. Considering its not everyday you have to make these kinds of decisions, we are so happy to have found the forum and the agency in India, and of course the contact made with the most compassionate lawyer ever. So, if your interested in our journey, check back here for updates. Until next time.......


  1. Hey you two, welcome to the blogging world. Will keep checking back!!

  2. Thanks Rhonda...I just now saw this message...I am such a blog virgin! Been keeping up with u and a wonderful pair. I love Gerry in his turbin :)

  3. Kerrie and Mark, I just read your blog and just chat with you Kerrie, I'm so thrilled for both of you!!! This is so wonderful, I know you both will be wonderful parents and wish you both all the love and happiness in this wonderful journey!!!! I will keep on reading your blog to support you all the way to the end...all the best!!
    Mila and family


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