Sep 30, 2008


We met up with Nicolle and what a great visit. First of all, she is a kind and passionate woman, with a great SA accent. What lawyer offers cookies and candies when you meet them!!! She's just great and we are so happy to have connected with her. I am so overwhelmed with details and felt my brain spinning while we sat with her. Mark was quiet and observant and I rambled my thoughts out in random fashion which somehow seemed to work with Nicolle. So, this step puts a sigh of releif into our India quest. We now understand Canadian vs India law ( some degree) and mostly how it affects us with this topic. It was also great to hear Nicolles take on India...its what we expected to hear and look forward to the sounds, smells, and people when we finally arrive. Our Aussie friend met through a forum recently chose their surrogate and as I read her blog on the grooling task, I now dread the process and how we will react to a email catalogue of sorts of women willing to help us create a family. One step at a time ...can't get ahead of myself. My Naturopath is thrilled for us and would like to come to India with us! imagine Dr S, Mark and I all trolloping around Mumbai with a bloated belly full of follicles and Mark anticipating his "show time". What a mess!

Sep 23, 2008

Tomorrow is...

Well, tomorrow is an antcipated meeting with Nicolle the lawyer, also a surrogacy advocate. We are so excited to meet her and get some questions answered and also hear about her recent trip to India.
Today I was able to get in with my dr November (ugh). I am learning to be patient and take things one tiny step at a time. Thru a support forum and links to other blogs we are learning alot about the struggles of others and the visits to India...our soon to be blessed home away from home. Until next time...

Sep 16, 2008

Another day another dollar

Well, we have both recently started new jobs with some better pay and both of the new jobs are not exactly what we are used to or like. money money is what we are focused on to make things happen. So, another day another dollar!