Oct 26, 2008

78 cents, yikes!

Have you watched the Canadian dollar dive recently?? So, I have done the math and our bill to India at 78 cents to the dollar is $24,894.674 CDN. Hmm...at 85 cents it would be $22425. , so lets hope the dollar makes and upward gain! Tuesday night brings the first surrogacy network night at Nicolle's office. We are looking forward to it and hope a few people show up and support Nicolle, us and themselves. I think we are very fortunate to have Nicolle on hand, not only for legal advice but for friendship and someone to take a stronghold on the issues and make some strides. The surrogacy support forum is strong and active and full of good news and unfortunately some heartbreaking news. I try to take each announcement in stride knowing that in the near future Mark and I will be enduring the emotional roller coaster of emails and calls from India (hopefully all positive, but realistically who can predict)


  1. K and M: Someday we are going to make it back to Canada and come to one of your group nights. One peice of advice from someone who is going through it all. DO NOT get wrapped up in everyone else's story's. It can make you crazy wondering what/if you will experience. Do yourself a favor, take it all in, stay positive and know that you are an individual and your experiences will be what they will be. We are all here for you.

  2. Thanks Rhonda.. this is what we are doing. We are optimistic and see many differences in our story which may or may not affect the outcome. So, its a gamble and we canwin or lose. How are you guys doing? I see on our blog you have made some decisions and are taking a new path. Yes..come to Canada! Would love to meet you - heard aalot about you and Gerry from Nicole. I love the Gerry in Turbin pics!!!
    Take good care!


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