Oct 18, 2008

Days are long...

Due diligence takes time and patience. Planning the trip to India is a long process. I've started a new job so I need to plan around TRYING to get a week off. Secondly, my repo doc is not available til November. SO, things are slow and we are filling time working on the basement, reading the support forum and oh ya...physio on my shoulder. Some how I managed to tear the tendons out of my rotator cuff and now spend my days in pain and going to physio. The shoulder will heal and is a distraction from the long wait to India (always put a positive twist right??)
Later this month we are going to a surrogacy network evening with Nicolle (the lawyer), then November the doc, then tests test tests and Mark too...hope his boys can swim to excellence! Then December should brings surrogate profiles and decision numero uno! Then Xmas then drugs and injections then India! sounds simple enough!

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