Oct 30, 2008

Network Night Success

We went to the first Network night hosted by Nicolle. Nicolle was so gracious and had lots of yummy eats. The other couples were not up to speed on India surrogacy so we were able to share some basic info. Nicolle spent time on the Canadian law and she detailed her history and experiences with surrogcay, and I felt her very raw emotion come through. Not going into details, I can tell you that Nicolle has been in a situation that I would not want to be in, and she has come through it in a strong way and is now taking her learning and emotions and putting them into an altruistic movement. Good on ya Nicolle!!! I hope the network nights grow in people and topics as I think there is great possibilty to learn alot. My bestest naturopath has said that he will come to be a guset speaker (he's such a great guy). That will be a fun night when he speaks! For Mark and I we continue to wait. Dr L is seeing me on Nov 17th -seems like an eternity away.

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