Oct 20, 2008

We have good friends!

So many of our friends are supportive and sending us occasional well wishes notes. These people mean the world to us and we wouldn't change them for nuttin! Its so nice that the whole "why don't you adopt" question has not been thrown in our face. I feel my blood boil when I hear this - I know people speak in ignorance but man alive...they should look into adopting then find out the long truth to it! Anywho, home for lunch and feeling great about our friends. Hugs to you all!

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  1. Kerrie and Mark,

    It is wonderful to have such great friends. I, too, have been so grateful that adoption has not been "suggested" by people who have never been through it. I had a few friends ask us to explain the choice to them, but in a very loving way--they were simply interested. I feel overwhelmed sometimes by how supportive people have been.


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