Nov 15, 2008

So many emotions and thoughts.

Being part of the surrogacy support group is so great. Sometimes its hard tho'. We all want the same thing and the ups and downs, good news bad news is a daily struggle for everyone. I think that we can take strength from our positive friends and help our friends in need. The experience alone of going to Mumbai is life changing and momentous. The tales from these trips are of courage and heartache. I guess I am rambling, just feeling vulnerable today and know that someone out there is feeling exactly the same as me. I think reading a friends blog today has made me feel so sympathetic for her and her struggles and it reminds me to take off my rose coloured glasses once and a while. Maybe I am just anxious about seeing the doctor on Monday - hoping he gets it and supports us. We are in a different predicament then others we have connected with yet its all the same when its said and done. We just want a family Ok, my dear friend R from Canada/USA take good care of yourself. I am feeling for you and want only the best for you and hubby.

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