Nov 27, 2008

Devastation in Mumbai

The latest news of terrorism out of Mumbai is shaking the world, especially the surrocagy India world which I am entrenched in. Have heard from Doctor Sudhir this morning and he has assured me that he and all the SI people are fine, as well all the beautiful surrogates. Thanks goodness. This news became very personal to Mark and I as we sit glued to the TV in utter shock of the circumstance. Our friends who travel soon, Amani and Rick, jaxusa,chicagorealtor, Joy and anyone else I may have missed...take good care! I am sure now security will be at its highest.


  1. Hi Kerrie

    I've added u to my bloglist. Hope that's OK.


  2. Sounds great! I will also follow your blog! What a week huh! Glad that things have settled down.


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