Nov 18, 2008

Saw the Doctor!

Finally the long awaited appointment came. Dr L, to my surprise was not shocked by my request for support to do surrogacy. My biggest fear was that he would say "Surrogacy?? Get the hell outta here". So, happily this did not happen. He feels that this is a great option for us and we should have good success based on my medical situation and the pros and cons of low papp-a etc. So this is great, BUT he is not comfortable with satellite monitoring for many reasons and I can appreciate this. We talked about options and he said if I was his wife he would want me to do all the cycling in India. This is a dilemma...3-4 weeks off of work and in this do-able? I don't know. He speaks from his own experience and is a very knowlegable IVF doc. He also wants to speak with his business partner about their comfor levels etc... and possibly come up with a plan B for us - with the sole concern of cycling and getting to India. He needs to talk and think about it and promised to get back to me in the next few days. I respect him and everything he told me. He did make good sense just was a bit off the path I had hoped for. So, I will wait and see what he comes up with. He is happy to support us with getting into the SI program and will write the necessary letter to Dr S and Dr Yash to get us enrolled. This is great and I am very appreciative of it. So here I sit with more mixed thoughts and wondering what the next steps will be. We are that much closer...just a few more big steps to India!

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  1. Kerrie and Mark,

    This is good news! You are closer, even if it wasn't quite what you were hoping for. I have full confidence that all three/four of you will work out the kinks and that you will be headed to India soon!


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