Dec 31, 2008

Here comes 2009

2008 has been a rough year for many of us. For Mark and I we endured the loss of a baby, me losing my job, downsizing at his job, new jobs for both of us, doctors who are a$$holes and that's the bad stuff. The good stuff was we went to Bahamas, got married on the beach, made the decision to go to India for our surrogacy option, started reno'ing our basement and have made some great surrogacy friends, especially Nicolle (the lawyer). So, it was a horribly unbalanced year for us. The bad emotionally outweighed the good and time is so slow at healing our wounds. Tonight at midnight this horrible year ends and we can look back at decisions and look forward to excitement and the possibility that finally we may have a baby or babies next year at Christmas. What a thought..its a little all consuming for me. Mark bought a HD Video Cam last week so we can start to make a video diary. Hopefully our child(ren) will see how much we wanted them and how we went half way around the world to bring them into our world. Plus, maybe our kids can help pay off the cost later on as this is far from a cheap adventure. Happy New Year!!!

Dec 28, 2008

Its done, thank God!!!

Christmas is finally over...all the artificial joviality and bs that comes with it is finally finished! Call me Scrooge, but this year was hard to swallow. So, what to look forward to is our appointment with the new Doctor at the end of January and then hopefully start booking flights to Mumbai! Come on 2009!!!!

Dec 19, 2008

Its close to Christmas and I hate it. This Christmas was supposed to be with our baby and all that fun jazz that comes with being new parents. Sadly, its just us and the same ole same ole. I am trying to embrace some joy and its not easy. My b-day just passed and has reminded me that I am older and time is ticking furiously fast. And at the same time, time ticks so slowly as we wait to meet our new doctor and get our trip to India rolling. 2008 cannot end fast enough for me. Today I have a holiday lunch at work with all the other management at work...blah is all I say!!!!

Dec 13, 2008

Counting the days

Other blogs have count down tickers and I unfortunately am not smart enough to put one up..well I have tried and failed (story of my life). So, no ticker to follow but a date to count down to. January 26th at 1pm. New doc with new hopes. This year has been a tough one, first losing another baby, second losing my job and third taking on a new job which is slowly killing my sole. As my b-day approaches I wish to hide away and forget this past year. I am hestitant to look forward to 2009 and can't wait for 2008 to END.

Dec 1, 2008

Back on track. I think

Yesterday we received some good news from Nicolle (yes, imagine good news from a lawyer) Nicolle contacted a doctor and he is willing to monitor us through our cycle stating in Canada!!! YAHOOOOO!!! We are thrilled, and to boot, he is way closer to home. So, now we just have to wait for our files to be transferred and then set up an appointment and get ready for all the needles.