Dec 31, 2008

Here comes 2009

2008 has been a rough year for many of us. For Mark and I we endured the loss of a baby, me losing my job, downsizing at his job, new jobs for both of us, doctors who are a$$holes and that's the bad stuff. The good stuff was we went to Bahamas, got married on the beach, made the decision to go to India for our surrogacy option, started reno'ing our basement and have made some great surrogacy friends, especially Nicolle (the lawyer). So, it was a horribly unbalanced year for us. The bad emotionally outweighed the good and time is so slow at healing our wounds. Tonight at midnight this horrible year ends and we can look back at decisions and look forward to excitement and the possibility that finally we may have a baby or babies next year at Christmas. What a thought..its a little all consuming for me. Mark bought a HD Video Cam last week so we can start to make a video diary. Hopefully our child(ren) will see how much we wanted them and how we went half way around the world to bring them into our world. Plus, maybe our kids can help pay off the cost later on as this is far from a cheap adventure. Happy New Year!!!


  1. You've been through so much this past year, this has to be the year for you. It will be. You don't get a 2008 like yours followed by the same.

    A fresh start!

  2. Kerrie and Mark,

    I hope and pray that 2009 is amuch better year for you. Happy New Year!


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