Dec 19, 2008

Its close to Christmas and I hate it. This Christmas was supposed to be with our baby and all that fun jazz that comes with being new parents. Sadly, its just us and the same ole same ole. I am trying to embrace some joy and its not easy. My b-day just passed and has reminded me that I am older and time is ticking furiously fast. And at the same time, time ticks so slowly as we wait to meet our new doctor and get our trip to India rolling. 2008 cannot end fast enough for me. Today I have a holiday lunch at work with all the other management at work...blah is all I say!!!!


  1. Kerrie,

    I've been there--the waiting and hating holidays part. I will pray the time passes quickly for you as I know it's harder to wait than to do just about anything else.

  2. Come on Scrooge! Its only a matter of time and you will be anxious to share Christmas with your new little one. Keep the faith dear!

  3. It's hard, I know, but please try to stay positive. At least you have each other - some people aren't so lucky.

    That's what I try to remind myself at this time of year. And it seems to work!


  4. Have to say Kerrie, I'm with you. Christmas is for kids, and we only have half a child for half a day ... and he has a Muslim mum, so isn't used to celebrating Christmas. I so want to it to all be over and look forward to next year when I will delight in buying toys and decorations and a tree for a baby or babies that will be way too young to even notice them.

  5. Thanks for all the supportive words. Its a tough time for all of us.Here's hoping that 2009 is OUR year!


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