Jan 29, 2009

Atheism hits Toronto

I am not a fan of dicussing religion, but this is quite interesting.
The picture is of the recent advertising on buses here in Toronto. I guess it's provoking quite a bit of discussion locally.
I do beleive everyone should have a voice, even if its not what we want to hear.


  1. Kerrie-
    I agree, everyone has their own opinion even if others dont agree. I must say your daily routine sounds very similar to mine. lol. I do need the motivation from you guys and it does keep me going. I also think you have such great ideas and view...and i hope we all do go from IP's to EP, to just parents. I cant wait to hear your story soon. I wish u all the best in your journey.

    PS I love the Bahamas...we went on our honeymoon. Paradise Island!!I want to go again and this time with my "kids".

  2. I am, for all intensive purposes, a born-again-agnostic. That being said, the supreme being I pray to for the big lottery winfall is now laughing his/her omnipotent butt off (do all powerful beings have butts?)at the ad.

    No matter your belief structure, a little humor is good for the soul.

    Mike A.


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