Jan 9, 2009


On January 26, 2009, we enter the year of the busybody dictator Ox. Curious to a fault, nosy and meddlesome, Earth Oxen think they know best, and they often do. In general, these folks consider themselves superior to other people. They not only think they are better; they believe they were born to lead others, to teach the poor things how to live, and sometimes even to push them around like pawns on the chessboard of life. What we have here is a very nature-oriented, earth-bound, power-mad megalomaniac whose nose for locating flies in life's various ointments is practically infallible.

This is not to say we didn't need such a stringent ruler to come along in 2009. We did. All of us are suffering. Some of us have too much and are stumbling over excess and wading through our own glut. Many more of us have nothing. The world financial market, such as we knew it, is over. Change and upheaval are in the very air we breathe. Religious fanaticism seems to have more power among certain young people than either rock music or computer games could ever have inspired. People are slaughtering other people in the name of a god figure. Other people are dropping bombs on peoples' houses and churches and hospitals and weddings in the name of an increasing energy need to fuel more pollution. Our food sources are being poisoned in the name of efficacy.

Let's face it. Things were getting out of hand.

Now, along comes the Earth Ox to get us back in line, to make order out of all the chaos we have ourselves wreaked on the world. But what kind of Ox is an Earth Ox?

Well, a more self-possessed type of Ox doesn't exist. The Earth Ox is autonomous and ruthless. The Earth Ox may occasionally appear to cower in the face of something overwhelming. And, deep down, he may really be afraid. But he won't display fear. He will display audacity instead. Many sense his fear. As a result, they do not always feel obliged to take the Ox's haughty posturing very seriously. It is tempting (but unwise) to thumb one's nose at a bossy Earth Ox. These people mean business! Most times, it's "their way or the highway". The Earth Ox's shrewd punitive measures for shirkers are legendary - even shocking!

Earth born Oxen believe that their true goal is to achieve perfection. They never quail at the idea of intense hard work, are terminally organized and cannot so much as a glimmer of spontaneity. The life and soul of the party, this creature is not. The Earth Ox leads. He or she is in charge. Hence they are never really part of any group.

During Earth Ox years, the accent is on obedience and hard work. That gigantic stone which hurtled crazily back down the mountain last year must be replaced up there atop the mountain by the end of 2009. And who gets to roll up his or her sleeves and push and shove and sweat and slave till that rock is back on top? We do of course.


  1. Okay, so then our kids will be Earth Ox? And if your description is correct, they will be very successful and be able to take care of us properly in our old-age. YIPPEE no nursing home for us!

    Mike A.

  2. That's right! Just seems that they will never be the life of the party (Chinese translation reads a bit funny)
    You guys are getting so close...you must be soooo excited!


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