Jan 29, 2009

Everyday I get up and make my coffee and check the blogs and forum. Its a slight obsession but one that keeps me smiling and learning. Its amazing to me that I can put a silly post up about the weather and people from the furthest points on the map read and comment. I really hope that all of our blogs turn from IP's to expecting P's to waiting rooms P's and then finally just Parents blogs. The whole surrogacy thing consumes us going through it and without all these people going through it with us we would be lost and lonely. My friends here are happy for us but I am sure they don't want to talk about it as much as we do so having our e-friends is wonderful. I am very inspired by my Aussie friends who have come together to form an advocacy group, here is the link to their very newly created website http://www.australiaindiasurrogacyadvocates.org/Welcome.html
Prompting this website is that the Australian government is looking at changing laws on commercial surrogacy making it illegal.


  1. Not quite illegal - altruistic surrogacy will still be ok (but unenforceable), but commercial surrogacy like we do in India will be a no go for Australians. But yes, we've been very busy with Amani doing things such as creating the website and getting the story into the media. Anything to distract us from this heat!!!


    ps - couldn't cope without our e-freinds either. Commented to Amani the other day that we speak to her more than anyone else in our lives!!!

  2. I agree with you, Kerrie. It's wonderful to be able to share this experience wth others. I'd be totally insane now if it wasn't for people like you.



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