Jan 25, 2009

Looking forward to Monday???

Yes, surprisingly I am. We are really anxious to see the new Dr. Fingers toes eyes crossed that all goes well with him and we are one step closer. I have all the paperwork for India ready, just need the docs sign off on it and away it will go. I hope Mark and I can move tomorrow - we are both so sore and stiff from a marathon of hours in the basement this weekend. Just 2 more sheets of drywall to hang and some duct work then we start to sand. The day we start sanding really is the beginning of the end. Mark is off to the airport driving two strange senior citizen Chinese people as a favour to our neighbor. I cant wait for him to get home and tell me about this trip.


  1. Best of luck with the appointment!!! You'll be in India before you know it...


  2. Best of luck with the appointment...can't wait to hear your news.


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