Jan 12, 2009

Our 2WW

Well, its 2 weeks until we see the new Dr. Not the same 2WW as many are going through, but its just as important to us. Fingers crossed the new doctor is on our side and helps us get rolling. The old doc was on our side, just does not want to communicate with India so we had to move on considering we are ummm...going to India! As I sit here eating my homemade curry I feel anxious and excited to get this rolling. There is a cricket game in Mumbai Feb 21 which features people like Mark and I versus the India doctors. Too bad we won't be there to witness this mess :)


  1. Good luck with your appointment! From my experience, doctors have been a bit nervous about the whole 'India' thing, but my confidence and determination has swayed them in my direction. Remember, this is your life. Don't buckle just because you encounter some ignorance. Your attitude will make the world of difference to them. Be bold, be strong, be charming...be yourselves!


  2. Don't worry, I'll be there with the videocam to record the mess for you.

  3. You have to post snippits of this video! Sounds like a riot...and all the beer added...

  4. We'll be posting as the game(or lack of it) unfolds. It's going to be a hoot!!!


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