Jan 28, 2009

Too much snow!

For my international friends dealing with the heat, have a look at what today brought us here in Canada...'


  1. Okay...I totally do NOT miss that snow. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!Come on down to sunny AZ anytime girlie!!!!!

  2. We also got about 5 inches of snow that then turned into heavy, icky, slush thanks to rain. THANK GOD we have a friend who owns a Bobcat (mini bulldozer). I only had to shovel around the truck and the pathway to the door!

    We can't wait until the kids are old enough the shovel!

    Mike A.

  3. That looks like the most beautiful thing in the world to me now.

    We're currently experiencing the worst heatwave Melbourne's ever recorded.

    Still, it all adds to the story!


  4. Ditto for Jojo's comments!!!! We're the next city over to the west, so we get hit with the heat after Amani's experienced it for a day or two. Being the sharing, caring people we are, we then send it to Jojo as we couldn't possibly let them miss out... Hottest day here yesterday for 70 years, and hottest night EVER. Welcome to summer in Australia!!!

  5. Mike's jump in with Kerrie and come on over to AZ. We can have ONE BIG PARTY!!!!


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