Feb 19, 2009

My theory on life

Finally my previous RE released my file (records). It took 2.5 months...and I swear he did this on purpose!! Of course I spent hours reading through it...sadly its not a good story and we were able to read about out last loss. Its the one year anniversary of this loss and after reading thru the file we found out our last loss was a baby girl. At the time I couldn't deal with the details and almost blocked out any information after the loss. Also, at the time the doctors had said that my ability to carry to term may be gender related and that they would follow up with me after the post mortem study. The doctors never did follow up and I now know that the gender issue is not one to consider as the first loss was a boy at 33 weeks and the second loss was a girl at 20 weeks. If anything this has cemented our plan of surrogacy. So onward we push... couples who suffer from multiple losses or infertility know that you take time to get over the hard bits then try to move forward. Its a choice we have to make... choose door #1 - the dark path of hopelessness and depression or choose door #2 - the amazing ability to somehow move forward and look at options. I have always said that how we manage life especially after or during difficult times is truly up to us. Life is full of choices...so make the best ones you can and try not to hurt too many people along the way.

Just a quick follow up - the boys in Boston are 9 weeks away from their expected due dates. Arizona are 9 weeks preggers, the TLC's are newly pregnant with twins. The Aussie crew are all in the midst of conception this week. The boys in Sweden are working on the ultrasounds after some great beta #'s . TandR are due in 5.5 months, CarrieJo has 23 weeks to go and the list goes on and on.... India is doing wonderful things for this world.


  1. Kerrie and Mark,

    I can't wait to announce on my blog that you guys are pregnant!

    It was heartbreaking to read about your losses. I admire you so much for moving on to try again. I just wish the doctors up there would cooperate with you.

  2. Isn't OPTIONS simply the best word in the world.

  3. i'm so sorry to read about your losses, kerrie. nobody should have to go through that.

    But you're right, moving on is key. In fact, resiliance is a very important human characteristic that, while difficult to measure, is key to a person's success.

    we're in india now, about to do our transfer today. i can assure you that everything is good over here, especially with surro buddies around. :)

  4. Thanks girls. All the luck to you all!!! Its wonderful to have you all in my life. Jojo, I will be dreaming of you tonight..lots of prayers and positive thoughts!


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