Mar 27, 2009


Apparently I have a great egg reserve! Who knew. Yesterday was eventful for us. I was up at 4:40am to make the drive to the new doctors office. I had my day three blood work to check my hormones. This is a huge step for us...we have been begging doctors for such a long time for this simple test. I had the blood test at around 7:15 am and at 1:19 pm the results were in my email inbox along with a lovely note from the doctor. In the evening we went to FONE support group where my ND gave a lecture on a natural approach to infertility and what causes it. Now I understand what egg reserve means. I had no idea we are born with millions of eggs and by the time we reach puberty this number drops to less than 400,000. So at my delayed age things are ok, and what a relief. Next steps are in motion. Mark and I are making some decisions about these next steps and know that early next week we will be enrolled into the SI program and finally get to see our surrogate profiles. It is so very real now! Thanks to everyone for supporting us through this so far. You have all meant the world to us. Your words mean more than you could ever know.
Also we got our Ganesh this week...gorgeous and vibrant and waiting for the perfect frame. The Mikes sent a very nice note with it personalized to Mark and I from them. And then....poof...a baby is born!!! Little Rose is born on March 24th. Rose is the daughter of Mike who created and sent us Ganesh. Rose is amazing and the news out of India is that she is doing well. Mike A should now be in India holding onto this angel. Mike B is recovering from back surgery and is unable to be there at the moment. I hope Mike B's bub can stay put til he gets there, and if not Mike A will have double trouble. We are all awaiting pics from Mike of this little blessing.

Mar 24, 2009

We have a doctor!

My last post on Saturday caused my surrofriends to take notice. Many emails and private messages came our way. One particular note included the name of a doctor and that he had been contacted on my behalf. Thinking that we would hear something later this week, we were thrilled to have an option. All we need is one. Well, thanks to Joy, yesterday proved to be the best day yet. I was able to track down this doctor and send my medical records to him and within a few hours he had read them and responsed to set up a meeting last night. So at 9pm my phone rang and my legs turned to jelly. Could this be it??? The doctor spent one full hour talking to me about the treatment and next steps and how he can help us get to India. It was surreal! To have a doctor acknowledge India in our conversation, not just once but many times. He fully understands what we want to do and he agrees that this is the best option for us to start a family. His words "I am here to help you get to India", "It is my pleasure to help you start a family through surrogacy in India". I am over the moon, yet the little alien inside me says "don't get your hopes up yet". Linking with this doctor was all made possible by a wonderful couple from Minnesota. Can you imagine the generosity and selflessness of other people? I knew there were great people in this world, and I have been fortunate enough to be in contact with them. Thank you Joy. Your name really represents what you have given

Mar 22, 2009

Infertile people are the kindest!

It is a crass title I know. It's so true tho. We are a group banned together, thru thick and thin and always have kind and supportive words. After many doctors have closed their doors in our face when we mention surrogacy, never mind India, our surro buddies put on their collective thinking caps. My email and pm box are full of offers to help, suggestions of doctors and the list goes on an on. A special note to Joy... we are praying that all goes well today and you get a positive in two weeks. Joy, your help on the night before your egg retrieval is the most selfless act. I am overwhelmed reading your notes to us and am so thankful that you reached out to me hours before your own procedure. Please know that you are eternally in our thoughts along with my Canadian maple syrup loving couple (they know who they are and why they will always get a special mention). Tonight we feel some optimism. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. All the best to all that read this and thank you for your ongoing support.

Mar 21, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Another doctor bites the dust. We are officially plagued with a black cloud. Turns out Canada isn't quite as liberal as many think. The doctors fear losing their licence when all I am asking for is a voluntary blood test and ultrasound and birth control pills. Apparently this request is "unusual" for our Canadian doctors. This is the day where I wish they were crooked and paid off easily. Well not really, I am not for corruption but feeling desperate and lost leads to these kind of thoughts. What are our next steps? Where do we go now. I guess a day or two of surrogacy opt out is what we need to regroup and figure it out. On top of all of this I am still sick, worse today than I was 4 days ago. Dammit! Leaving on a high note, we met Fromus from the surrogacy support group who was in town to see her mom. To meet her was incredible, to hear her story and challenges also incredible. She is a fantastic person all round, and her 6 week old growing seedlet has no idea how lucky he or she is to have this mommy.

Mar 17, 2009

Plan C starts

Saturday we start plan C. It very exciting and Mark I will be a united front and take charge dammit. Getting sick of waiting around wasting time. Great news of two sets of twins and one singleton born to three couples over the last few days and on March 1. I have met so many people going through the same journey and I have such a hard time keeping track of all the names, and now they have little ones with names I will also have a hard time to remember. It is just wonderful to see so much going on and it inspires us and keeps us positive. Another great note is that one of the forum members from the forum is coming to Mississauga this week so we plan to meet up. She is newly pregnant in India with the same doctors we will use. We have a lot to talk about! I am just so excited to meet her. It looks like we will be in India late May early June and so far know of two other couples who will be there at the same time Anita and Amber. And lastly if I see one more news report on Octomom I am gonna explode. Shes obviously not stable and finally got the fame she so desperately wanted. The doctor who helped her with this should lose his liscence. Ok, enuff said.

Mar 13, 2009

Getting Ganesh!

I am getting a limited edition Ganesh from Mike or Mike ...well one of the Mikes. I cannot wait for it to arrive. We plan to list our house for sale in the next few weeks so I am hoping good ole Ganesh brings us luck. No pressure MIKE! I need to find a beautiful frame for it but will wait til it arrives to make the best choice. Funny thing is that I have no blue in my house but something in the blue Ganesh made me have to have it.

Mar 10, 2009

Just catching up

So the Aussies are pregnant and awaiting their third beta results (basically pregnancy testing). It is all very exciting to see these great successes! Last week was quiet for us. I continued to be sick and had some wonderful news from Australia myself. I am not going to share my news, but trust me it was a light in our dark tunnel and we are overwhelmed with the compassionate exchange of words last week from our Aussie friends. I am going to go to the doctor this week to see if we can line up the needed screening tests for SI and then get our paperwork submitted. I guess I am hesitant to go do this as I expect another disaster.
The basement is so close. Half a day of sanding then prime and paint!!! Almost everything has this stage completed except for the stair well. Its an awkward angle and seems to be a bit more work. Been a very long road down there. Now we can start shopping for flooring..this is the end of the beginning. Thank god!!

Mar 5, 2009

Without funds

I get up this morning and go to online banking..gotta pay those bills. What do I see...overnight activity of $1500.00! Of course I call Mark and ask him if this was him and of course he says no. I call the bank and my convenience card has been compromised and is now locked down. I cannot access funds until the bank decides the activity was fraudulant. Oh great! Of course the first thing I think about is how will I get my Timmies on the way to work and run to check to see if I have enough change to get it. Whew...disater averted...I have $2.79 in my purse and my daily bill at Tim Hortons is $2.60. For my international friends, Tim Hortons is the Canadian equivalent to say Starbucks. But, unlike Starbucks, Tim's does not charge $5.00 for a coffee.

Mar 4, 2009

Guess what

We are without a doctor again. It all very understandable yet disappointing and infuriating. So plan A and B have not worked and now we move onto the top secret plan C. Plan C is gonna work, it has too. If plan C does not work then plan D is not an option as plan D means quitting.
Yesterday one of my fave radio personalities went on a rant about IVF and how doing IVF interferes with nature and all these people (like us) should just go adopt. Oh he made me mad! Mark heard it as well and when I mentioned it he said he was really hoping I did not hear this radio segment. So I could write a letter stating my anger and intelligently detailing the opposite side of the story, or I could boycott the station...but, really, its just the way most people think and because they have never experienced it they are truly ignorant. I took a moment to think of CarrieJo and her experiences with ignorance and how if we ever get going to India and have a positive how will I deal with the opposing opinions. Life is full of learning's and lessons for sure.

Mar 2, 2009

Time out....

We had a turbulant week last week. It looks like we have hit another block in the road (I sound like a broken record!!). Quite frankly I am fed up of this...It seems everyone who says they can help us ends up prolonging the process. My good Dr S in India has done all he can to help ...thanks Dr S! Now, we are just waiting...if its meant to be than it will...if not, its horrible but such is life. I am taking a time out from the process. We need to figure out where we turn next and what we can do. I now have a bronchitis like infection and I think the stress of last week brought this on. This is my bodies way of saying ENOUGH! I am saddend that my east coast friend got a negative pregnancy today. My heart breaks for her and her husband. Two other friends in Austrailia waits by the phone for their calls...I hope they get a positive..fingers crossed JJ and Amani!
Ciao for now