Mar 27, 2009


Apparently I have a great egg reserve! Who knew. Yesterday was eventful for us. I was up at 4:40am to make the drive to the new doctors office. I had my day three blood work to check my hormones. This is a huge step for us...we have been begging doctors for such a long time for this simple test. I had the blood test at around 7:15 am and at 1:19 pm the results were in my email inbox along with a lovely note from the doctor. In the evening we went to FONE support group where my ND gave a lecture on a natural approach to infertility and what causes it. Now I understand what egg reserve means. I had no idea we are born with millions of eggs and by the time we reach puberty this number drops to less than 400,000. So at my delayed age things are ok, and what a relief. Next steps are in motion. Mark and I are making some decisions about these next steps and know that early next week we will be enrolled into the SI program and finally get to see our surrogate profiles. It is so very real now! Thanks to everyone for supporting us through this so far. You have all meant the world to us. Your words mean more than you could ever know.
Also we got our Ganesh this week...gorgeous and vibrant and waiting for the perfect frame. The Mikes sent a very nice note with it personalized to Mark and I from them. And then....poof...a baby is born!!! Little Rose is born on March 24th. Rose is the daughter of Mike who created and sent us Ganesh. Rose is amazing and the news out of India is that she is doing well. Mike A should now be in India holding onto this angel. Mike B is recovering from back surgery and is unable to be there at the moment. I hope Mike B's bub can stay put til he gets there, and if not Mike A will have double trouble. We are all awaiting pics from Mike of this little blessing.


  1. I am soooooooooooooooooooo extremely happy for you Turdie, it is so moving to finally know that your most amazing miracle will happen. I may not have written too many comments (only one) but know that you are a precious human being with an amazing husband by your side and now you will be blessed. I can't wait for you to go to India.
    Love you lots.

  2. Kerrie and Mark,
    I am so thrilled that things are moving along so quickly now. I applaud your determination. You know prayers will continue to go out on your behalf for a picture perfect ending.

  3. YAY for a good egg reserve! What wonderful news! (Who knew you could get so excited for someone you haven't met yet?)

    Now all you need is to start injections and everything will start to seem VERY real :)

  4. OMG!!!!!! I AM SOOO THRILLED FOR U, i cant wait to hear your journey....all the best. GREAT news on the eggs, girlie....


  5. Great news on your egg reserve, excellent new infact!!!

    Egg on!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on having a great egg reserve AND getting the tests taken! It would be wonderful if we end up in India at the same time!


  7. Wow - well done. It's getting very real now. How wonderful!!!

    June, here we come.


  8. Did you also have the day 3 antral follicle count, in addition to the blood tests? This is the most accurate way to measure your ovarian reserve.


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