Mar 4, 2009

Guess what

We are without a doctor again. It all very understandable yet disappointing and infuriating. So plan A and B have not worked and now we move onto the top secret plan C. Plan C is gonna work, it has too. If plan C does not work then plan D is not an option as plan D means quitting.
Yesterday one of my fave radio personalities went on a rant about IVF and how doing IVF interferes with nature and all these people (like us) should just go adopt. Oh he made me mad! Mark heard it as well and when I mentioned it he said he was really hoping I did not hear this radio segment. So I could write a letter stating my anger and intelligently detailing the opposite side of the story, or I could boycott the station...but, really, its just the way most people think and because they have never experienced it they are truly ignorant. I took a moment to think of CarrieJo and her experiences with ignorance and how if we ever get going to India and have a positive how will I deal with the opposing opinions. Life is full of learning's and lessons for sure.


  1. Kerrie,

    I am humbled to be mentioned here--thank you for the compliment!

    And, unfortunately, you're right. There is no way that we can convince the world that they are wrong. These people are ridiculous. If they were going into kidney failure, they'd be lining up for a transplant not saying this is nature's way of telling them to die. But IVF? No way!

    I don't think that they even intend to be hurtful most of the time, but it doesn't change the fact that they are. And I have to admit that it makes me wonder if I have been ignorantly and unintentionally hurtful to others in similar situations.

    Hang in there. You don't have to get to plan D--just keep at it. I fully intend to drive up to see you and your baby some day soon!

  2. People are so judgemental aren't they? It's crazy...if only we could spend more time trying to understand people, rather than judging them.

    Don't you worry about that for now Kerrie.

    You just think about what you need to do to make this happen.


  3. Kerrie,

    Channeling Amani...ignore the tosser...If I start belly dancing I'm in trouble!

    Mike A.


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