Mar 10, 2009

Just catching up

So the Aussies are pregnant and awaiting their third beta results (basically pregnancy testing). It is all very exciting to see these great successes! Last week was quiet for us. I continued to be sick and had some wonderful news from Australia myself. I am not going to share my news, but trust me it was a light in our dark tunnel and we are overwhelmed with the compassionate exchange of words last week from our Aussie friends. I am going to go to the doctor this week to see if we can line up the needed screening tests for SI and then get our paperwork submitted. I guess I am hesitant to go do this as I expect another disaster.
The basement is so close. Half a day of sanding then prime and paint!!! Almost everything has this stage completed except for the stair well. Its an awkward angle and seems to be a bit more work. Been a very long road down there. Now we can start shopping for flooring..this is the end of the beginning. Thank god!!


  1. I will hope and pray that this next doctor is the one. (I still can't figure out what is so hard about running a few screening tests for you!) Feel better and enjoy your finished basement!

  2. I hope this doctor is wonderful! It's tough to not expect another disaster...but hang in there, I pray it only gets better from here!

  3. Kerrie and Mark,
    Hi! I'm Carrie-Jo's mom and I have become a surrogacy blogger junkie.
    I just want to say that you are an amazing couple. In spite of the sadness of losing two precious babies, and having to deal with the ridiculousness of doctors in your country, you have the grace to be happy for everyone and leave beautiful heartfelt comments to all.
    I am humbled by you, and am praying for you daily. When your dream of becoming parents becomes a reality (I know it will), there will be rejoicing all over the globe for a couple who has been so sincerely happy for so many.
    I pray this new doctor works out, and that you will be on your way to India very soon.

  4. Thanks for the notes girls, and what a pleasant surprise to see GeGe here. I am so thrilled to know your daughter and watch her journey to becoming a mum. She has had great struggles and I take strenght from her and how she handles the hurdles. We are fortunate to have each other...all of us. This is a lonely path and to have this commonality makes the days a bit easier.


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