Mar 2, 2009

Time out....

We had a turbulant week last week. It looks like we have hit another block in the road (I sound like a broken record!!). Quite frankly I am fed up of this...It seems everyone who says they can help us ends up prolonging the process. My good Dr S in India has done all he can to help ...thanks Dr S! Now, we are just waiting...if its meant to be than it will...if not, its horrible but such is life. I am taking a time out from the process. We need to figure out where we turn next and what we can do. I now have a bronchitis like infection and I think the stress of last week brought this on. This is my bodies way of saying ENOUGH! I am saddend that my east coast friend got a negative pregnancy today. My heart breaks for her and her husband. Two other friends in Austrailia waits by the phone for their calls...I hope they get a positive..fingers crossed JJ and Amani!
Ciao for now


  1. Winston "The Neighbour" EbreoMarch 2, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    Last week I saw you standing in front of your porch smoking a cigarette. I was going to say hi, but you seemed quite distant and lost in your thoughts. Your face was sad, and as I read this blog, now I know why. This is the first time that I've read your words and felt your sadness. I truly sympathize for you and Mark as you take this long and arduous journey. It makes me appreciate Maxime even more. Nothing in life should be taken for granted, especially life itself. There is a reason for everything, how can there not be? Some are given the gift others have to work for it, you're the latter, and it's just a matter of time before that so ever precious gift is bestowed upon you. Live the journey as it presents itself to you, knowing that the road will soon take you to your destination. As well, take time to appreciate everything (good and bad) that this venture has brought to you, for it's the "stuff" that happens along the way that we truly cherish in the end.

    Ok that was a cheesy extra long chinese fortune cookie message, but it was truly sent from the heart. Gen and I are glad to have you guys in our lives, and we look forward to watching our children play with your children.

  2. All I can say is that I am sorry. I wish there was something more I could offer to help.

  3. Oh Kerrie, You have been such a great support for me and my hubby. I wish you all the best in your search as well. We all are hitting these blocks and it might seem like a long time but i think you will get there. Patience is a virtue, but I sure as hell dont have

    Thinking of you and hope all your obstacles are removed for you and your hubby. All we can do is wait. Best wishes hun.

  4. Okay, I am wondering what the issue is, now... We need to figure this out for you. All we needed from our Docs here was a script for birth control pills, an ultrasound and lab work. Why or why can't they do this without SO many details??? Do you need to try a second opinion for a Doc? There just HAS to be a way for you to expedite this thing. Skype me or email me and maybe we can figure it in Canada and me with my medical background. I SO want this to work for deserve some hope and happiness by now....

  5. Thanks you guys...many thanks. We all have our struggles thats for sure. I have made an attempt to resolve the issue today so we will see what transpires out of this. All of you take care, and thanks for the kind words.


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