Mar 5, 2009

Without funds

I get up this morning and go to online banking..gotta pay those bills. What do I see...overnight activity of $1500.00! Of course I call Mark and ask him if this was him and of course he says no. I call the bank and my convenience card has been compromised and is now locked down. I cannot access funds until the bank decides the activity was fraudulant. Oh great! Of course the first thing I think about is how will I get my Timmies on the way to work and run to check to see if I have enough change to get it. Whew...disater averted...I have $2.79 in my purse and my daily bill at Tim Hortons is $2.60. For my international friends, Tim Hortons is the Canadian equivalent to say Starbucks. But, unlike Starbucks, Tim's does not charge $5.00 for a coffee.


  1. You poor thing! Did you lose your card? I hope the bank figures things out quickly and you're not ot of pocket or left without funds for too long.

  2. I spoke with the bank and they said someone had made and indentical copy ..they do it through the swiping machines. All is ok, I just need to get to the back to get anew card activated.


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