Apr 29, 2009

Today and getting tagged

Well the visit with the doctor went very well. We were with him for two hours. He took plenty of time to explain the drug cycle..whew..I finally understand it. We also had an ultrasound which showed that everything looks good to go. We were left to make a decision and promised to get back to him by the end of the week. He is so supportive of us going to India - this is not something we are used to. As it turns out the cost of the meds and IVF cycle is not as jinormous as we had anticipated so this was a small surprise. Mark needs to book his first fun in a cup soon (ha ha...I love this torture for him).
Also, my buddy Jojo has tagged me so I have completed the 8 things task. I really have no one to tag so I am leaving that out.

8 things

Jojo tagged me so here we go

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

Finally going to India
Taking Lupron and Gonal F shots daily in my fat belly
Getting a positive
Living Happily Ever After
Meeting some or all of my surro friends worldwide
My g/f’s separation settlement so she can have some peace
The birth of all our surro friends babies

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

Finalized our custom blinds order
Watched the little shits play outside and use my car as soccer net
Went to the P A R K with the dog (can’t say park)
Figured out how my air cleaner works after 8 months
Had a good time chatting with hubby
Had a long soak in the tub
Prepared for visit with Dr today

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

Win the lottery…just enough to not work
Be more physically fit and less lethargic
Spend money at random and not feel it
Wear stilettos’
Have a baby
Teach ignorant people a few lessons
Sit in the sun
Drink less coffee

8 Shows I Watch:

Y&R of course!
Wife Swap
Prison Break (what a ridiculous show – finally coming to an end)
Hells Kitchen – just cuz Mark watches it
What Not to Wear
Ok, this is the worst one…. Rock of Love
8 is difficult, do not watch that much other than the garbage I listed above

8 Favorite Fruits:

Not a big fruit eater…but a good melon is always on top of my list

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:

Jojo said: Wherever my blogger friends live - mostly in Canada and the US
Ahhh…come visit.

South Africa
Anywhere in Europe
Alabama…just have too see what all the talk is really about

Apr 28, 2009

Deja Vu

Yep, we see the new doc tomorrow. Feeling good about this one based on the previous communications. Its a little bit of Deja Vu writing this as my previous posts about doctors have all ended badly. This week we have been reminded that surrogacy is not a sure thing. Two of our surro friends babies have lost the battle to live. This is all too familiar to us. Yet at the same time knocks me back into reality that this is never a sure thing. Just getting a positive doesn't mean the hurdle of pregnancy is over. Based on this weeks events and my medical history I have a few new questions to discuss with the doctor. One issue in our last pregnancy has been replicated in the recent loss of an angel in India and this makes me worry about our chance for success and avoiding a repeat performance. Time has also become another issue with a voluntold promotion at work starting June 1. This new role will kill my availability in the summer months causing a postponement. The job will pay super well so its a blessing to help us with our surrogacy quest - this is the only reason I entertain it. The role is a good role and has loads of opportunity to learn and better my skills, yet the timing sucks. Ah, such dilemmas!!
And finally our wire has not been found..of course not! Why would anything go smoothely. Meeting the bank after the doctor to find our money.

Apr 23, 2009

Morning sickness makes baby smarter!

Sick Kids hospital in Toronto has released a study that babies born to moms who suffer morning sickness tend to be smarter. So, Lisa and Niks twins will be geniuses!

Apr 22, 2009

Chuggin along slowly

Things seemed to have slowed down for us. Our money is somewhere in wire cyber land. Its two weeks today since we sent it...getting a tad worried but far from stressed. Next Wednesday we meet the Dr that Joy connected us with. We are really looking forward to this appointment as all the cards have been laid out and everyone understands. finally!
Mike and Mike have two beautiful girls. Mike A has been in India for a month now and Mike B about 10 days. They are now waiting on DNA tests and airline hassles. It makes me wonder if we ever get going and get a positive how long will our stay be. This also becomes the reality of the expense of this lengthy stay. Thank goodness for a great relationship with the bank and a very large line of credit!!
The support forum had some rocky times last week and it seems to have gotten very quiet as a result. It's unfortunate, but is still out there for info and help. Oh, our lovely Dr S is back in the game in India ~ everyone is very happy with his return.
The basement...is ..almost finished!!! We had the floor installed last week so now we just have to put in the door moldings and baseboards and then its complete! Will post a pic later for Nicolle :)
Lots has been going on with our surro friends. From morning sickness, baby showers and decision makings for round two, everyone is quite active and busy.
So, next week when I see the doctor. I may finally understand the cycle. Man alive I am such a cycle virgin and the whole this confuses me. I am trying to figure out based on my LMP when we would cycle and for the life of me I am not capable of doing this.

Apr 9, 2009


Wire transfer is done...this means we are enrolled!!! Paperwork is in..this means we are enrolled! What a releif...we are that much closer! It's so great to finally be at this stage. We bought a voltage converter this week and got our pics taken for our Visas, so this means we are actually taking steps to get there. I cannot say enough about how relieved we are to be at this stage finally! Soon we will get our surrogate profiles and timeline and can start booking flights and time off work. If one more person tells me to look at the positive I will blow my lid! I agree finding the positive in any situation is advisable but sheesh..10 months of doctors telling us off makes it hard to look at the positive. Anyway, ranting doesn't really help, I just know my surro friends can relate.

Apr 7, 2009


We were not included in the email distribution but have come to find out that SI has had an internal shake up, losing one of the doctors. This seems to have sent alot of us IP's into a frenzy or panic. Thankfully we have been contacted by the clinic director and all seems to be ok for us. Next steps..need receiver address for money wire, do wire transfer, hopefully get surrogate profiles, book time off work, get Indian visa, book flights and hotel, feel good about surrogate choice which should be made by now. So, just a few things to do in the near future! This weekend in Easter and its another holiday without a child. Its very hard to take these holidays even tho we have a life plan in place. I dream of the day when a holiday will be looked forward to or even enjoyed. Not that a child is the only thing that can do this, but after all we have been through its kinda worn us down. On more positive notes our surro friends are all chugging along and so far the news out of India is good. Like any pregnancy the 9 months is stressful with the blood work results and ultrasound reports. We are fortunate to have this thing called the Internet - where we can get questions responded to, opinions voiced and create bonds with people of the same challenges. Imagine going through this alone and in the dark? Winter is here again..don't understand the weather and how we can be 19Celsius one day and now -12Celsius with a light dusting of snow! I think David Susuki would call it global warming.