Apr 22, 2009

Chuggin along slowly

Things seemed to have slowed down for us. Our money is somewhere in wire cyber land. Its two weeks today since we sent it...getting a tad worried but far from stressed. Next Wednesday we meet the Dr that Joy connected us with. We are really looking forward to this appointment as all the cards have been laid out and everyone understands. finally!
Mike and Mike have two beautiful girls. Mike A has been in India for a month now and Mike B about 10 days. They are now waiting on DNA tests and airline hassles. It makes me wonder if we ever get going and get a positive how long will our stay be. This also becomes the reality of the expense of this lengthy stay. Thank goodness for a great relationship with the bank and a very large line of credit!!
The support forum had some rocky times last week and it seems to have gotten very quiet as a result. It's unfortunate, but is still out there for info and help. Oh, our lovely Dr S is back in the game in India ~ everyone is very happy with his return.
The basement...is ..almost finished!!! We had the floor installed last week so now we just have to put in the door moldings and baseboards and then its complete! Will post a pic later for Nicolle :)
Lots has been going on with our surro friends. From morning sickness, baby showers and decision makings for round two, everyone is quite active and busy.
So, next week when I see the doctor. I may finally understand the cycle. Man alive I am such a cycle virgin and the whole this confuses me. I am trying to figure out based on my LMP when we would cycle and for the life of me I am not capable of doing this.


  1. Kerrie, Don't stress too much--that's why they put you on BCP. Day 1 is soemthing like 4 days after you take the last pill (the doctor will tell you!) I'd be happy to look back over our schedules and caledars and figure it out with you if you need me. Just shoot me an email.

    I want to see pictures of the basement too! How exciting!

  2. this is so exciting! You're on your way, Kerrie. The adventure begins...



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