Apr 28, 2009

Deja Vu

Yep, we see the new doc tomorrow. Feeling good about this one based on the previous communications. Its a little bit of Deja Vu writing this as my previous posts about doctors have all ended badly. This week we have been reminded that surrogacy is not a sure thing. Two of our surro friends babies have lost the battle to live. This is all too familiar to us. Yet at the same time knocks me back into reality that this is never a sure thing. Just getting a positive doesn't mean the hurdle of pregnancy is over. Based on this weeks events and my medical history I have a few new questions to discuss with the doctor. One issue in our last pregnancy has been replicated in the recent loss of an angel in India and this makes me worry about our chance for success and avoiding a repeat performance. Time has also become another issue with a voluntold promotion at work starting June 1. This new role will kill my availability in the summer months causing a postponement. The job will pay super well so its a blessing to help us with our surrogacy quest - this is the only reason I entertain it. The role is a good role and has loads of opportunity to learn and better my skills, yet the timing sucks. Ah, such dilemmas!!
And finally our wire has not been found..of course not! Why would anything go smoothely. Meeting the bank after the doctor to find our money.


  1. Kerrie,

    You will get to India. I believe that.

    Congratulations on the new poisiton! I hope that if you take it, you enjoy your new job. How exciting!

  2. Kerrie,

    I am really excited to read about your new position. It is great news considering it can help you pay for surrogacy and also gives you a chance to better your skills.

    I hope your doctor´s appointment will go well and you will get all your questions answered. I understand that you want to get to India real soon. And you will.

    Good luck on tracking down your money.BTW,it took a friend of mine almost 4 months till her money showed up in India.

  3. So how did the appointment go?!?!?

  4. tag - you're it. see my blog for details


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