Apr 29, 2009

Today and getting tagged

Well the visit with the doctor went very well. We were with him for two hours. He took plenty of time to explain the drug cycle..whew..I finally understand it. We also had an ultrasound which showed that everything looks good to go. We were left to make a decision and promised to get back to him by the end of the week. He is so supportive of us going to India - this is not something we are used to. As it turns out the cost of the meds and IVF cycle is not as jinormous as we had anticipated so this was a small surprise. Mark needs to book his first fun in a cup soon (ha ha...I love this torture for him).
Also, my buddy Jojo has tagged me so I have completed the 8 things task. I really have no one to tag so I am leaving that out.

8 things

Jojo tagged me so here we go

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

Finally going to India
Taking Lupron and Gonal F shots daily in my fat belly
Getting a positive
Living Happily Ever After
Meeting some or all of my surro friends worldwide
My g/f’s separation settlement so she can have some peace
The birth of all our surro friends babies

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

Finalized our custom blinds order
Watched the little shits play outside and use my car as soccer net
Went to the P A R K with the dog (can’t say park)
Figured out how my air cleaner works after 8 months
Had a good time chatting with hubby
Had a long soak in the tub
Prepared for visit with Dr today

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

Win the lottery…just enough to not work
Be more physically fit and less lethargic
Spend money at random and not feel it
Wear stilettos’
Have a baby
Teach ignorant people a few lessons
Sit in the sun
Drink less coffee

8 Shows I Watch:

Y&R of course!
Wife Swap
Prison Break (what a ridiculous show – finally coming to an end)
Hells Kitchen – just cuz Mark watches it
What Not to Wear
Ok, this is the worst one…. Rock of Love
8 is difficult, do not watch that much other than the garbage I listed above

8 Favorite Fruits:

Not a big fruit eater…but a good melon is always on top of my list

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:

Jojo said: Wherever my blogger friends live - mostly in Canada and the US
Ahhh…come visit.

South Africa
Anywhere in Europe
Alabama…just have too see what all the talk is really about


  1. I'm glad the doctor's appointment went well! And that you got to do things like soak in the tub yesterday :)

  2. Great list Kerrie.....hope it all comes true for u. :)

  3. Turrrrrrrrrrrr,
    I think you forgot the place to visit in your list! PERU of course, that is my neck of the woods, thanks for your good wishes and I pray that all of yours come true.

  4. whar are you going, kerrie?


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