May 28, 2009


Twenty follicles. Sounds pretty darned good to me! Doctors were happy as well. Going back Saturday at 8 am for the next scan and hopefully will see that things have progressed.

May 27, 2009

I hate Jon and Kate + 8

I cannot stand this couple. They tried to cash in on being reality TV stars and never thought about the stress on the children and now they cry on TV about how angry and sad they are. GRRR!

I go for my day 5 scan tomorrow to count the follicles and ensure I am responding to the meds ok. The meds have caused some spotting but Dr M says not to worry about this, so I am not worrying. This whole journey is stressful and we need not worry about a little spotting.

On the surrogacy front, we have selected our surrogate. This is an agonizing task. The idea of lining up women to select the so called best...ugh. Well, anyway, it is done and we feel very good about our girl. She apparently cooks the best biryani so we of course hope to be lucky enough to try this and borrow the recipe.

Oh look at the time. Gotta go to work. Will catch up after the scan tomorrow.

May 21, 2009

Cycle Dayz

Today is day 12 of my shots. Due to an unexpected event at work, my EPU will be June 6th. So it all seems to work out well. Today I had my day three blood and ultrasound and there are quite a few follicles from what I understand. The real counts will start next Thursday when I go for my day 5 US and bloods. Ohh I almost forgot to mention that Mark got to have fun in a cup this morning, and did it in record time! Don't ask don't tell ok...but I am not sure how he did it so quickly!! Also picked up a few days of meds (see pic) to get me started. After the day 5 monitoring I will buy more meds if all is going well.

May 15, 2009


Yesterday we met with the psychologists. Her name is Dr Brown and she is delightful woman. The guideline for the appointment was geared at people using a surrogate here in Canada. Discussions about meds, testing, surrogate contact, selective reductions, multiples and aborting for abnormalities. As well as post natal care and handing over of the baby and contact frequency with the surrogate. First of all let me say we were star pupils. The doctor was so pleased that we were very well informed and had thought about all the questions previously. We knew about everything and easily had a conversation. Secondly, we were the first encounter for the doctor of couples using a surrogate in India. Because Dr Brown is a reproductive psychologists she goes to many conferences learning about latest technologies and meds. She raved about the standards of Indian medicine and research. She came across equally as excited as were are to start this journey. We told her many details that she found to be quite admirable about the process in India with SI. At the end of it she asked for us to keep in touch and update her on the steps. The doctor mentioned that we were an easy appointment for her, as many times couples come is and have never even heard of things like selective reduction. All in all the appointment was great! I also mentioned to her about the Chatelaine article and she is anxious to see it. I am building a mini network here of great contacts with the intent of helping other Canadians. I am a big believer in sharing knowledge. If I had not found out so much from all of you I would be lost, so its my goal to spread the word, inform the uninformed and counsel the needed as required. Like all of you the first's of anything can be overwhelming and we are so fortunate to have each other.

May 14, 2009

5 shots closer

I just had my 5th day shot. Unfortunately my belly fat is not finding these thin needles painless now. I guess the effects of the medication is making me a bit sore and the needle now feels like a needle driving into my body. Its not horrible but its also not great. The good news is that I am not having side effects that I am aware of. Ask Mark he may tell you differently. Next step is waiting for my natural cycle to arrive then have day two ultrasound and blood then start the fun meds. Currently I am on a suppression drug which shuts down my system (all driven by the pituitary gland). This medication tells my body not to release an egg. Once I start the new drugs, I will continue on this one and add three more. The three news meds added will encourage my body to produce multiple follicles and to induce the development of multiple eggs. Also added to this is an oral to keep the estrogen production at bay. I have to be very cautious of estrogen induced blood clots so Dr M feels the addition of this oral is ideal. Oh its all so fun (note the sarcasm in this). We have all of you with your wonderful words of support, and are so thankful! Tonight we have an appointment with a psychologist. This is a mandatory step here in Canada. Its more of an interview type assessment to ensure we know what we are getting into and to see if we fully understand the roller coaster ride. Do not take me wrong, but any doctor who has never gone thru what we have should not be counselling me on what I am doing and how I may feel. Been there done that! I could counsel the doctors! I am happy to have the appointment tho as we are so sure of what we are doing and also so unfortunately aware that this is not a sure thing and are fully prepared for this. We look at it this way...we would never have gone to India for a holiday, it just was never on our radar. So, this is a trip of a lifetime full of stress, anticipation, emotion and then the 2WW. Positive or negative pregnancy we will never regret going. We will learn alot being there, see alot and meet wonderful people. Its a win win situation!
Lastly I must comment on the latest publication of Chatelaine magazine. There is an 8 page spread detailing the journey of our infamous Gerry and Rhonda's journey to India. Its a great read, honest and unbiased. These two are somewhat pioneers in this world and lend kind words and helping hands to everyone. Being in Canada the article is particularly special. I hope the article gives someone new hope. I also hope that this mag gets laid in every doctors waiting room and encourages discussion with the doctors. You all know our struggle with doctors here in Canada so hopefully the article bridges discussion and curiosity.

May 11, 2009

1 down...many more to go

Yesterday (Mothers Day) was day one of my injection cycle. As I prepared to inject myself my hands were shaking and my stomach doing flip flops. I followed the nurse instructions to a tee. Alcohol swabs, needle and vial ready. I wiped the top of the vial with the alcohol swabs, inserted the needle and with drew the exact amount as prescribed of Superfact. I recapped the needle, looked for air bubbles and layed the needle down and had a moment of panic! Who willingly sticks themselves in the abdomen? My god I was freaking out. Mark is changing a receptacle and asked me to hold on while he finished. Oi vey... I had to just do it so I told Mark I cannot wait for you...and he jumped up to lend moral support. I wiped my fat belly with alcohol to prep and let this dry up (only takes seconds) then, deep breath, take the cap off the needle, grab my fat and slide the needle in. Not so bad after all! Fortunately the needle is quite small and a thin gauge. I pressed the plunger and all the med was shot into my fat. Immediately after removing the needle I felt instantly nauseous. I was shaking like a leaf and needed to sit down. Within a few minutes I started to feel normal again and went on about my day. Now its 6:39 am Monday morning and I am getting ready to do my second shot. Only 18-20 days of this nutiness then we find out how many eggs I was able to muster up. Thanks to all the surro girls and IVf friends who lended support and words of wisdom and kindness. It seems to never fail that when we reach out to our surro community we are never let down. The support is worth millions!!
A pleasant surprise yesterday was a long chat on the phone with Fromus from the Surrogacy India support site. She was in town for a whirlwind 24 hours to see her mom for Mothers Day. Her call was just what I needed as the last 14 days have been challenging for me with all the what ifs and some doubts and concerns. After reassuring me of my questions we finally got to talk about her 12 week bundle of joy growing in India. Fortunately her pregnancy is going along without any glitches. A quiet and uneventful pregnancy is what we all want. I am blessed to have Fromus in my life! Her positive qualities are never ending and I love this! We will be in touch regularly as she comes to see her mom.
Ok, I must go and prepare for shot #2. Have a great day where ever you are.

May 8, 2009

Wire and Needles

Spoke with India today and our wire did arrive, 5 days after the transfer. Sucks that I had to spend a month worrying about it, but after one call to India this morning I am relieved. Today is a stressful day for me. I will meet with nurse Tracey to be taught about the i n j e c t i o n s!!! Ugh...I have watched youtube videos about self injecting of the meds and I really am not looking forward to this. I feel all anxious and nervous and freaking out a bit. I know its all gonna be ok, just this is not part of normal life and it has me stressing. Of course this all has to start on Mothers day...what irony!! The day I hate the most is the day I start to inject. Maybe its a foreshadow to something good, maybe its a curse or maybe I am over thinking it. Who knows, but its happening and that is all there is too it. I welcome any comments on what to expect as far as side effects go, physical and emotional. I have read a little bit about side effects but am limiting this research and wold prefer to hear from my surro buddies who I know will be dead honest.

May 1, 2009


Finally not the weather, my eggs! We will start our frozen cycle here very soon. After meeting with the doctor we have decided to do a frozen cycle so we can get the ball rolling. I am not looking forward to the needles, the hormones and the cycle monitoring, BUT there is a solid reason why I would put myself thru such hell. Its all very exciting and nerve racking. By the end of may we will have a straw of potential babies. This is just wild to me. The craziness of life may have put us on hold temporarily but we are trying to mitigate this with this frozen cycle. Once May is over, we will truly be anxious. As of today our wire transfer is still lost and I may have to open an investigation with the bank.
To prep for the IVF cycle, I am having 3 treatments with my naturopath. Here are the gory details. An IV is inserted into my vein and then a medical jar is hooked up to this. The IV is put on reverse and my blood starts to release into the jar with fury. Watching my blood flow out into a jar is a bit weird..blood letting is not my cup of tea. The doctors paces and watched the flow ensuring that there are not clots to stop the process. Soon after the pint is 3/4 full of my blood! At this point the doctor starts adding ozone gas to my blood in the jar. And then starts the IV back up again, this time going back into me. This takes about an hour and the doctor continues to add more ozone to my blood. Now why would I do this?? Well, ozone added to the blood and put back into my system start actively cleaning my body. Yeast, parasites and toxins can no longer survive as a result of the ozone. The toxic mucous in my uterus starts to break down and improves my egg production as my fallopian tubes and ovaries get a good spring cleaning as well. My lungs get scrubbed of all the bad things etc... You get the idea. I had one treatment last night, one tonight and one more on Saturday. My ND is so happy to help us. He is a wonderful man who truly cares about his patients and only wants success for them and himself. We are rushing the treatment a bit as he is off to be featured on a UK tv program and my cycle will likely start on the 11th of May.