May 11, 2009

1 down...many more to go

Yesterday (Mothers Day) was day one of my injection cycle. As I prepared to inject myself my hands were shaking and my stomach doing flip flops. I followed the nurse instructions to a tee. Alcohol swabs, needle and vial ready. I wiped the top of the vial with the alcohol swabs, inserted the needle and with drew the exact amount as prescribed of Superfact. I recapped the needle, looked for air bubbles and layed the needle down and had a moment of panic! Who willingly sticks themselves in the abdomen? My god I was freaking out. Mark is changing a receptacle and asked me to hold on while he finished. Oi vey... I had to just do it so I told Mark I cannot wait for you...and he jumped up to lend moral support. I wiped my fat belly with alcohol to prep and let this dry up (only takes seconds) then, deep breath, take the cap off the needle, grab my fat and slide the needle in. Not so bad after all! Fortunately the needle is quite small and a thin gauge. I pressed the plunger and all the med was shot into my fat. Immediately after removing the needle I felt instantly nauseous. I was shaking like a leaf and needed to sit down. Within a few minutes I started to feel normal again and went on about my day. Now its 6:39 am Monday morning and I am getting ready to do my second shot. Only 18-20 days of this nutiness then we find out how many eggs I was able to muster up. Thanks to all the surro girls and IVf friends who lended support and words of wisdom and kindness. It seems to never fail that when we reach out to our surro community we are never let down. The support is worth millions!!
A pleasant surprise yesterday was a long chat on the phone with Fromus from the Surrogacy India support site. She was in town for a whirlwind 24 hours to see her mom for Mothers Day. Her call was just what I needed as the last 14 days have been challenging for me with all the what ifs and some doubts and concerns. After reassuring me of my questions we finally got to talk about her 12 week bundle of joy growing in India. Fortunately her pregnancy is going along without any glitches. A quiet and uneventful pregnancy is what we all want. I am blessed to have Fromus in my life! Her positive qualities are never ending and I love this! We will be in touch regularly as she comes to see her mom.
Ok, I must go and prepare for shot #2. Have a great day where ever you are.


  1. Yeah, those shots blow...just keep focusing on what's coming. You'll be surprised by how routine they are by day 14!

  2. I knew you can do it...keep it up you'll be a pro in no time. We're praying for nothing but the best for you!!

    Great job girly :)

  3. Hi Kerrie, I feel for you! all the needles brr. But ist for the best cause ever! and I have to be honest, for us men... well let's just say that our part is a bit easier:) Anyways, good thoughts for you. Regs Niels

  4. You poor thing...still, I bet it makes it worth it, knowing what all the pain and discomfort is for. You're so brave.

    I'm soooo jealous of your catchups with Fromus. I'd love to be there with you two beautiful women.

    Hope you harvest heaps of eggs, baby!

  5. Oh, Kerrie, you are SO darn cute! I love it. Welcome to the wonderful world of infertility fun! You are doing GREAT...keep up the good job. Its SO worth it in the end.


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