May 14, 2009

5 shots closer

I just had my 5th day shot. Unfortunately my belly fat is not finding these thin needles painless now. I guess the effects of the medication is making me a bit sore and the needle now feels like a needle driving into my body. Its not horrible but its also not great. The good news is that I am not having side effects that I am aware of. Ask Mark he may tell you differently. Next step is waiting for my natural cycle to arrive then have day two ultrasound and blood then start the fun meds. Currently I am on a suppression drug which shuts down my system (all driven by the pituitary gland). This medication tells my body not to release an egg. Once I start the new drugs, I will continue on this one and add three more. The three news meds added will encourage my body to produce multiple follicles and to induce the development of multiple eggs. Also added to this is an oral to keep the estrogen production at bay. I have to be very cautious of estrogen induced blood clots so Dr M feels the addition of this oral is ideal. Oh its all so fun (note the sarcasm in this). We have all of you with your wonderful words of support, and are so thankful! Tonight we have an appointment with a psychologist. This is a mandatory step here in Canada. Its more of an interview type assessment to ensure we know what we are getting into and to see if we fully understand the roller coaster ride. Do not take me wrong, but any doctor who has never gone thru what we have should not be counselling me on what I am doing and how I may feel. Been there done that! I could counsel the doctors! I am happy to have the appointment tho as we are so sure of what we are doing and also so unfortunately aware that this is not a sure thing and are fully prepared for this. We look at it this way...we would never have gone to India for a holiday, it just was never on our radar. So, this is a trip of a lifetime full of stress, anticipation, emotion and then the 2WW. Positive or negative pregnancy we will never regret going. We will learn alot being there, see alot and meet wonderful people. Its a win win situation!
Lastly I must comment on the latest publication of Chatelaine magazine. There is an 8 page spread detailing the journey of our infamous Gerry and Rhonda's journey to India. Its a great read, honest and unbiased. These two are somewhat pioneers in this world and lend kind words and helping hands to everyone. Being in Canada the article is particularly special. I hope the article gives someone new hope. I also hope that this mag gets laid in every doctors waiting room and encourages discussion with the doctors. You all know our struggle with doctors here in Canada so hopefully the article bridges discussion and curiosity.


  1. Kerrie,
    Praying for you, and I'm excited, but a little jealous, that you will meet my grandchild before I will. I told CJ we have to come and see you and Mark when you have your little one home. Hang in there.

  2. Kerrie,

    You are so funny, and much too kind. We are totally just like everyone else on this crazy journey hoping and praying for a successful end result.

    I am really excited that you are moving along so well with your injections and your Doctors and everything. Soon you will be posting...We are pregnant!

    Thinking of you always my dear Canadian friend.


  3. Wow - that was a very imformative post. Thank you! I didn't know what was involved before, but now I feel even more sorry for you ladies self-cycling. And even more grateful towards our beautiful egg donor.

    Good luck, honey!!!



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