May 21, 2009

Cycle Dayz

Today is day 12 of my shots. Due to an unexpected event at work, my EPU will be June 6th. So it all seems to work out well. Today I had my day three blood and ultrasound and there are quite a few follicles from what I understand. The real counts will start next Thursday when I go for my day 5 US and bloods. Ohh I almost forgot to mention that Mark got to have fun in a cup this morning, and did it in record time! Don't ask don't tell ok...but I am not sure how he did it so quickly!! Also picked up a few days of meds (see pic) to get me started. After the day 5 monitoring I will buy more meds if all is going well.


  1. YAY...follicles. Keep growing little guys!!!

  2. Yay for follicles! And my goodness, what a lot of meds!

  3. OMG! seeing the amounts of meds...! It sounds weird to say keep on growing but heck, that's what it is! Hope all goes well. Niels

  4. I know and this is only a few days worth!! YIKES!


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