May 1, 2009


Finally not the weather, my eggs! We will start our frozen cycle here very soon. After meeting with the doctor we have decided to do a frozen cycle so we can get the ball rolling. I am not looking forward to the needles, the hormones and the cycle monitoring, BUT there is a solid reason why I would put myself thru such hell. Its all very exciting and nerve racking. By the end of may we will have a straw of potential babies. This is just wild to me. The craziness of life may have put us on hold temporarily but we are trying to mitigate this with this frozen cycle. Once May is over, we will truly be anxious. As of today our wire transfer is still lost and I may have to open an investigation with the bank.
To prep for the IVF cycle, I am having 3 treatments with my naturopath. Here are the gory details. An IV is inserted into my vein and then a medical jar is hooked up to this. The IV is put on reverse and my blood starts to release into the jar with fury. Watching my blood flow out into a jar is a bit weird..blood letting is not my cup of tea. The doctors paces and watched the flow ensuring that there are not clots to stop the process. Soon after the pint is 3/4 full of my blood! At this point the doctor starts adding ozone gas to my blood in the jar. And then starts the IV back up again, this time going back into me. This takes about an hour and the doctor continues to add more ozone to my blood. Now why would I do this?? Well, ozone added to the blood and put back into my system start actively cleaning my body. Yeast, parasites and toxins can no longer survive as a result of the ozone. The toxic mucous in my uterus starts to break down and improves my egg production as my fallopian tubes and ovaries get a good spring cleaning as well. My lungs get scrubbed of all the bad things etc... You get the idea. I had one treatment last night, one tonight and one more on Saturday. My ND is so happy to help us. He is a wonderful man who truly cares about his patients and only wants success for them and himself. We are rushing the treatment a bit as he is off to be featured on a UK tv program and my cycle will likely start on the 11th of May.


  1. I read this Turrrrrrr and it so unbelievable... your drive/commitment/passion to go through a lot more to achieve your goal is very inspiring.
    Keep it up!

  2. Good luck with your treatment and cycle. :-)
    I'm going through the needles myself at the moment....yuck!!! It's all worth it in the end, though!!!

  3. Wow Kerrie, your naturopath really has you on an intense treatment. I started going to a naturopath last year for fertility treatments and I think it helped me a lot. I was also dealing with depression and I know they helped with that. Though my treatment was just additional supplements based on blood work results. Wishing you tons of baby dust. Amber

  4. All the very best Kerrie. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Wow--this is some crazy treatment--but I pray and hope and believe will all be well worth it in the end! I was getting a little nauseated reading about it (I can barely stay concious through my own normal blood draws) but it sounds like you're finally moving forward--yay!

  6. With you all the way Kerrie!!!! While the needles suck, I kept telling myself there was going to be a good result in the end and the needles were worth it.

    Glad to hear you will have frozen embies waiting for travel and transfer after the cycles.

    Take Care

  7. Way to go!!!! We are all rooting for you, supporting you and cheering for you.

    Your baby is just waiting for its first opportunity to come and meet you. You and Mark have been chosen, you are great parents with such commitment, passion, dedication and love. When you have a purpose and a goal, life tests you to your limit to ensure that you REALLY want it. I think you have shown life what you are made of!!!


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