May 27, 2009

I hate Jon and Kate + 8

I cannot stand this couple. They tried to cash in on being reality TV stars and never thought about the stress on the children and now they cry on TV about how angry and sad they are. GRRR!

I go for my day 5 scan tomorrow to count the follicles and ensure I am responding to the meds ok. The meds have caused some spotting but Dr M says not to worry about this, so I am not worrying. This whole journey is stressful and we need not worry about a little spotting.

On the surrogacy front, we have selected our surrogate. This is an agonizing task. The idea of lining up women to select the so called best...ugh. Well, anyway, it is done and we feel very good about our girl. She apparently cooks the best biryani so we of course hope to be lucky enough to try this and borrow the recipe.

Oh look at the time. Gotta go to work. Will catch up after the scan tomorrow.


  1. OMG!! I couldnt agree with you more, these people are pissing me off too. I hope your scan goes good and you must share the recipe with me to girly.

    Unfortunately the stress doesnt go away, until you have baby in your arms and home. Then the sleepless nights Bring it on we all All the Best Kerrie...

  2. I hate them too! I'm so tired of hearing about it!

  3. I love John and Kate!!! No, not really never watch it actually. But they have really cute kids!

  4. Ahhh I hate Jon and Kate too!! I end up yelling at the TV. They are so mean to those kids. I hope those kids grow up and turn out normal because on this path who knows what will happen. I always tell Rob that we will not be getting any parenting tips from Jon and Kate.


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