Jun 11, 2009

Embryo Update

Late yesterday I got an email update from the doctor. Its so confusing:
5 eggs fertilized perfectly normal, 4 looked fertilized normal, 8 did not show evidence of normal fertilization and one did not fertilize. It is a little complicated, when I meet you I will explain details further.
The bottom line, we have good number of dividing embryos. The final number of divising (surviving viable) embryos will be known tomorrow and I am planning on freezing everything that can be frozen. Today we have a total of 9 embryos that divided, few more might

So it looks like we have a 50% fertilization rate and a few slow pokes (8) may catch up before we freeze today! I will have the final numbers later today. I am so lucky to have as many as I do so I feel fortunate. I am still quite aware that I had my retrieval on Monday. I am still very sore and my ovaries are reminding me of the stress I put them through. Before the retrieval the ultrasound showed my ovaries were "kissing"...meaning so ginormous that they were touching. I am anxious to hear our final numbers today. We need to now get busy with Visa applications, flight and hotel bookings and some shopping! Time is now finally ticking very quickly and we are 6 weeks away from going to Mumbai!!!

Addition: Its our wedding anniversary today! Sheesh with all this embryo counting we forgot!!! One year ago we were married on the beach in Bahamas with good friends close by.


  1. YAY!!! Almost there Turrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. Grow embies grow!

    I can't wait to hear the final results, Kerrie, can't wait to see you in Mumbai, and really can't wait to visit someday so our kids can get to know each other! I'm praying for you, Mark, and your embies!

  3. Oh my gosh.. Kerrie, I wish you and mark the best! I cannot think of two people who deserve this more than you guys. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer for you.


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