Jun 6, 2009


Well here they are - one view of my follies. This picture was snapped by the doc himself as he seemed to understand OUR camera better than us! Too funny. Doctor feels that we should have 15 embryos to freeze! EPU is on Monday.

And here is me with my last shot taken at the doctors office this morning

...look how impressed I am!!!


  1. Wow! You have the coolest hair,Kerrie, I love it. You're GORGEOUS!!

    And congratulations on the number of follies. 15 is a fantastic number.

    I'll be thinking of you over the next few days. Good luck!


  2. 15 is GREAT--yay! And I'm a fan of your hair too! :)

  3. Go the hair, and babies with the same hair. Keep at it girl, it's time for you to become a mommy.

  4. Loving the hair too!!! Luckily not much longer that you need to be a pin cushion.

  5. You look like an old pro! Love the follicles...good for you.

  6. am writing in this post cause of my stoopid computer. it freaks out on your site for some reason.

    But wanted to say woot woot!! loads of eggs...you go girl!

    Rest up. You deserve it.



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