Jun 11, 2009

Frozen numbers are in!

Dr M has just called and he is so kind to call us late into the evening to share the news. We officially have 12 embryos frozen! The number is huge!!!! We are so very thrilled. All the heartaches in the past and the recent IVF cycle have come to a wonderful number of embryos. The support from all of you has truly helped us and we thank you for it.
Off to bed, if I can sleep with this exciting news!!!


  1. That is fantastic. Told you that you'd have enough for that sibling project!!!

  2. Fabulous! Now we just need them to be good and sticky next month!

  3. Congratulations. You must be getting really excited for the trip. Everything is falling into place. We are wishing you tons of baby dust for a positive outcome!

  4. This is happening, Kerrie! 12 is a terrific number...well done, you two.

    Sleep well, you deserve it xxx

  5. That is awesome! You are going to have a baby...12 of them if you really want!


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