Jun 19, 2009

Getting Ready

Flights are booked and we land in Mumbai on July 26 at 11pm! Nothing like seeing the city in the dark. Currently working with Amit in India to get a good hotel rate. Visa apps will be sent in early next week. Payment to SI is in the works. Frozen tank (R2D2) has a quote on shipping and will meet shipper Greg next week face to face. Follow up on embryos next Wednesday with Dr M. Whew, a few things are on tap and then we start to shop. I hate shopping so I dread this. The only part I look forward to are the few gifts I want to take. This weekend will be busy as last weekend I was not in ship shape to do much. I did have b-fast with Nicolle last week and we had a great time yakking it up for a few hours.


  1. All the best! Keeping everything crossed! xxx

  2. You're making awesome progress! Congrats Kerrie!

  3. The handwriting is on the wall with the clinic you are using. Word to the wise.

  4. Care to ellaborate.......but please if you have something to say you I think maybe we would all appreciate knowing who you are. Cheers Trea

  5. I SO love Anon. posters! Always full of joy and for those of us who are doing wonderful they just love to try and rain on our parade! But NEVER have the guts to announce themselves.

    You will do great Kerrie and you will love the Docs and India and I am sure you will have an amazing experience that you will never, ever forget. You are in good hands and those of us expecting any day now are proof of that! Don't let others try and give you any bit of negative vibes.

    Right now just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  6. I refuse to get into the typical venemous banter that happens after these hurtful anonymous posts. I have contacted google police and they are tracing the IP of this post and take this very serious. With that said, we all know who it is and just kinda yawn at their hurtful and threatening words nows. I know the clinic they support and the contreversy surrounding it. I know what I am getting into and being forwarned at this stage is just stupidity! I have been on the forums and other blogs for a year now and am well aware of what everyone has said. I now move on from this and continue to enjoy my day! Lets leave it at this and all try to support each other instead on the opposite.

  7. Kerrie and Mark,
    I am putting you in the hands of the Divine Physician, and praying He gives wisdom to the earthly ones. Enough said. Love, GeGe

  8. Hi Kerrie and Mark,

    Bon voyage! We both hope all goes well for you and as I am burning a whole lot of candles these weeks, I'll lit some for you too:)
    I look forward to read about your adventures in Mumbai.

    Regards, Niels

  9. Kerrie, looks like you're arriving in India the same night as us! We'll be there for our baby pick-up so I hope we'll get to spend a bit of time with you!


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