Jun 18, 2009

Horribly Sad News

I have had horrible news that one of my surro friends whom I have had the chance to meet in person has lost their pregnancy. The pregnancy has ended at almost 20 weeks and I feel sick. When I heard this news I was crushed. We know going into this nothing is for sure or guaranteed. This does not make this any easier for C&M. I am sure the news has devastated them and the shock is unbelievable. My heart aches for them. I guess it is very personal to me as I have had the chance to spend time with C and know what a wonderful soul she is and how they so wanted and loved this baby. Secondly this is the same stage where we had lost our last baby in 2008 and I know the pain all too well. C&M please know that I cannot stop thinking about you. When you are ready to talk I am here for you. I know you will get through this as you are strong and I can tell you only time will heal this horrible wound.

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  1. It truly does take you aback when someone you are about goes through such a horrible tragic time. It makes you wish you could take pain away from people and absorb it as your own in order to help. Sometimes the only thing you can do is provide support, thoughts and prayers.

    You are such a compassionate person, I am certain you are impacted by such things.

    Take Care!


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