Jun 28, 2009

The Network Grows

When we first came to the idea of going to India we were alone and then we found an online forum with a couple hundred people doing the same thing! Since then we have made so many wonderful online friends. These friendships have become a lifeline to answers and information, and one special connection arranged a doctor for us. I have now had the chance to speak with this special connection and we could have ran up the phone bill for hours! Everyone who knows us knows that this is Joy and she and her hubby were our guardian angels a couple of months ago.
Since this journey had started I have been in touch with many Canadians starting this journey and returning home in the tww. As of late we have a positive from British Columbia and a tww in Thunder Bay and a couple in Calgary gathering information and choosing a clinic. I have made contact as well with a wonderful woman in the UK who hopes to cycle later this summer. So our list of friends grows daily and we are thrilled.
The update on our trip is that we have booked the hotel and were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Amit yesterday that the booking rate was further reduced. Also yesterday I went to the Indian Visa office. As I pulled up to this location I see a line of people who were waiting for the office to open. I figured with this line I would be there about 2 or more hours. Fortunately, I ended up being the second person called as the rest of the people were there for passport services. Within 20 minutes I was on my way home and can return in 10 business day to pick up Visas. I often get scared when things go well. The last 12 years have been full of disappointment so I rarely expect things to go smoothly, and when they do I silently worry that they will fall apart.
Well, I am off to call Thunder Bay and catch up on this recent trip to Mumbai and the 2WW.


  1. Obviously getting pregnant and getting those children home are our biggest priority when we start looking into surrogacy in India, so it's just beautiful when we make friendships along the way too!! So glad you're experiencing this too.

  2. Enjoy the smooth ride and dont worry....i think u will have enoughg to worry about in india and the 2ww...lol. ALl the best hun.


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