Jun 26, 2009

Pro nucleus

Going thru this journey I sure have learned alot! Whether it be from people across the world, or the doctors here in Canada. I met with Dr M on Wednesday and he gave me IVF 101 lessons which lead to the ultimate discussion on embryo quality, our embryo quality. The whole process is amazing to me and I am still in awe of what has been accomplished. So onto our embryos. We have 12 and all are 6 or more cells. The bulk had two pro nucleus and a few have one strong pronuc and one weak. These are the grade B or grade II. All in all we have 4 straws of varied divised embryos ready to make the long trip to Mumbai. I also had the opportunity to meet Core Cryolab and was honored with a facilities tour. This location in Toronto handles cord blood for stem cell preservation and frozen tissues. Greg at Core went through the details of the shippers with me and showed me shippers that were charging, charged and used and a shipper that had just arrived from Australia (anyones????) It was great to see how secure the shipper is and how it is locked/sealed, definitely gave me peace of mind. Our embryos will land in Mumbai two weeks before us and head to Lilavati Hospital upon arrival. Saturday at 8 am I am gonna brave the Indian consulate to drop off our Visa apps. I figure if I cannot hand deliver I will mail on Monday and we should still be in good time for our trip.


  1. Wow - what a process you are going through! Congrats on all of your embies! Best of luck!

  2. Woweee, I haven't caught up for awhile. Well done. Great number of embies. You're going to be pregnant before you know it!!! Do you have a transfer date yet? We're doing EPU early August, so maybe we'll transfer within a week or so of each other.


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