Jun 4, 2009


17 follies is the count and 2 more days of drugs. Saturday I will go for more bloods and ultrasound then hopefully take my trigger Saturday night and EPU will be Monday morning. I am feeling quite full and belching like a truck driver! Nurse Joan and I were laughing about the gas effects of the meds this morning. The total bill is climbing and my newly increased Visa limit is maxed ~ but this is what it takes and I will not cry about it. Some surro buddies have flown to India this week to see their growing babies and beautiful surrogates. I am hoping that Mark and I can do this as well but money may be the deterrent sadly. My friend Jojo is onto attempt #2 in the next week and I am praying for a positive. She is a kind and generous soul who deserves the best news. Some other surro friends have recently had negatives and this breaks my heart. Most are in the "what to do next" phase and are financially tapped. I have said it before, the whole process is stressful, full of good news one day and not so good news the next day followed by bad news. All we can do is stick together and get thru it. A new friend in Northern Ontario has found a shipping company for her frozen embies and has shared these details with me. What an amazing group we are looking out for each other!
Will follow up on Saturday with the latest. Until then, stay strong and positive!


  1. Awesome report Kerrie!

    The finances suck...it's simply so unfair that money creates the "have" and "have nots" of "have children" and "have none". It's sickening.

  2. 17 follies--WOW!!! Try not to stress about the finances...stressing doesn't change them (unfortunately). I am hoping that you get wonderful news...we've had enough of the bad kind lately.

  3. Awesome results Kerrie, just the great news I needed today!!!

  4. Woweeee ... great number, go follies go!


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