Jul 29, 2009

Day 3

Another busy busy day. Today we ventured out with Ajit to see Mumbai/Bombay. We initially had planned to go south but due to a school closing protest in the south we ended up going north. The first stop was Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We drove deep into the forest to see these amazing caves. On route to the caves we saw many monkeys walking in the roads, sitting in trees and even sitting on motorcycle seats! We toured through the caves and they were very cool. Some of our pictures from in the caves have alot of white spheres in them which is typically a sign of spirits/ghosts. I told Ajit this and he thought I was nuts! (see pic below showing the white spheres) We left the park after a big exploration and headed to Andheri for shopping. We went to a store called Paaneri where the salespeople are pushing to make sales. You think going to the Brick is bad, try coming to the shops in Inida. Every sales person instatnly becomes your friend and then spreads out layers and layers of clothes, scarves, saris and tunic. They brag about the quality and the deal they are giving us. Its too funny! After this we went to the beach in Bandra for a coffee. This was really nice and we enjoyed sitting with Ajit outside under an umbrella. Ajit finds Mark quite entertaining as he continually takes pictures and video. After our coffee Mark and I went for a walk along the boardwalk. This was our first experience with the little boys begging for money. We did very well ignoring them. We made our way back to Ajits car and Ajit. This area is an exclusive area where some Bollywood stars live, and apparently Mark looks likes one major star and some women took a second look at him hoping it was their star! In this same area is Lilavati hospital where our embryo transfer will happen on Friday. Close by is the new bridge that takes you to south Mumbai. We should be able to get great pictures tomorrow when we go again with Ajit. Later we made our way to another Asian arts store where I could have spent my salary on the bedding. Again the push for sales was on, but the push came with price negotiating. Mid post we left to have dinner with Carrie Jo and Shawn and Isabella and the doctors. Carrie Jo and Shawn had to leave and we had the greatest pleasure to sit with the doctors for two hours, have drinks and food and chat one on one. To our greatest surprise our embryo transfer is tomorrow, after 4 pm. This is amazing news that came with initial anxiety over our embryos and excitement that this is really happening! Please keep us in your prays tomorrow that our embryos are ok and that they snuggle in for a long stay (9 months preferably)

The spirits and us...

Ajit and Mark man posing

Ajit and Kerrie in Bandra enjoying coffee


  1. Finally i get to post on yor blog!!!!

    Praying and hoping for a positive for u hun. The sales people are funny...Enjoy the rest of your time there. I'm jealous u got time with Carrie and the baby..lol...u guys look great!

    xxoo Amanda

  2. Looks like you're having a great time and I'll start crossing everything now!! Amber posted on either the forum or her blog local places to go shopping where it doesn't cost an arm and a leg if you're after a different experience. Also get Ajit to take you to the Crawford Markets if you want fabric.

  3. I am so happy and excited for you both! I wish I was there so badly - it looks like you all are having a great time. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and thinking sticky thoughts! I will be watching and waiting for your updates. Thinking of you
    Big hugs from here!


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