Jul 24, 2009

Freakin OUT!!

After a year of struggles, challenges and planning we leave in 36 hours!!!! It's all very overwhelming. I would say that I am having a constant internal freak out and Mark the same but calmer. Things are going as they should. Dr's in India ~ as usual have been in contact with us keeping us somewhat sane. We are fortunate to have Dr S and Dr Y helping us as they are very compassionate and always available to answer our questions. With their schedules and demands we know it is difficult for them yet somehow they manage to answer our emails promptly. They are a blessing indeed. Today I sit back and realize the special people who are in our lives and helped us get to the point. We met and worked with an amazing doctor here ~ Dr M supported us fully and was such a pleasure to work with. If I ever (yikes) have to do another IVF cycle I know I am always in good hands with Dr M! Last night our neighbours brought us a red envelope..and in Chinese tradition this is for good luck! I immediately rubbed this envelope all over my body to enhance the good luck. It is so nice to have special neighbours like them who take a moment to care for us. Throughout this journey we have been amazed at the support and interest from friends and family and the good doctors. This is not like changing your hair colour, its way bigger than that! Always when I travel I get a little sad for my fur babies. The cats are ok when we travel, they sleep and eat most of the time and typically cope well without us, but Dr Peeky Gonazales Rodriguez chihuahua from hell does not cope as well. If you have never seen a Chihuahua cry, with actual tears running down his face, it is a site to break your heart. This dog is in love with me and leaving him breaks both of our hearts. When we land in Mumbai we will head straight to the hotel. On Monday we should hook up with the doctors and also some friends from the US who are there because Bella was born last week and they are waiting on their appointment with the consulate for babies passport. We will also meet a few other couples who are either there waiting for baby to be born or are in the same stage as us. Speaking of the hotel, check it out at www.palmshotelmumbai.com
Next post will be live from Mumbai!


  1. Bella, Shawn, and I are counting down the hours until you get here! (Well, maybe not Bella, but you know!)

  2. I am so excited for you guys!! Best of luck. I will be thinking of you both!! We will definetly have to get together when you get back so we can hear all about the adventure.

    Hugs to you and Mark.


  3. Kerrie and Mark,
    Know I will be praying for you all the way. Stay safe. Gege

  4. Kerrie, we want to join you, Carrie Jo, and the gang on Monday for dinner!!! Let us know how to find you!

  5. Looking forward to hearing a positive result! Enjoy Mumbai and its craziness, and all it has to offer.
    Amani x

  6. Hi Kerrie, you're in our thoughts! We hope all goes well for you. And I also hope it won't rain all the time in Mumbai.
    Look forward to your next post and I will burn some candles for you too!

  7. Kerrie & Mark,

    I'm so excited! July will be the month for so many of us; I know it will be.

    Hoping to see you two while we're in Mumbai too. July 31-August 06.


    ps - On the topic of chihuahuas, my mum and dad have a teacup chihuahua & she is the cutest, esp. when she knows we're leaving for a while....That face!

  8. oh my goodness! good luck, darling heart. i'll be thinking of u.

  9. OMG, Kerrie. Your post brings back so many memories.

    I hope you have a really fantastic time and that your trip is a very successful one!

    I'll be thinking about you all the time.



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