Jul 31, 2009

Thank you

Thank you all for your loving words. Yesterday was a rough day and we pretty much stayed at the hotel watching movies and napping. Late last night we met with the doctors to look at next steps. Together we came up with a good plan and we hope to try again soon. This is not the story we had hoped for but heck, none of this story is ideal. Dr Yash mentioned how God tests the strong and Mark commented that he forgot to study for this test! The irony and comedy of my Markie is amazing. For those of you who know us, you know we are not easily defeated. Time does help to heal the wounds and we just need to take each day and continue to love each other and the idea that one day, we will be parents.
Love to you all!!
Kerrie and Mark


  1. Perfect, perfect post. Agree fully that God tests those of us that are strong a bit extra at times. So we regroup, persevere and ultimately receive AMAZING rewards. Hope my husband hand delivered that hug!!

  2. Kerrie-

    I'm glad to see this post from you. It's b*llshit the tests that we have to endure at times, but we will prevail. You and Mark will be parents and you'll have an amazing story to tell your kids one day about all the h*ll you had to go through to become their parents. They will be loved, cherished, and some of the most wanted children in this world. Hang in there, you have a world of support cheering for you!

  3. Kerrie and Mark,
    This was the last news we wanted to come home to. We are just so sorry that this happened ot you. We so admire your courage to jump right back into planning for the next try. We will be praying for you both--that you'll heal now and have success ahead of you. If there is anything we could do for you, please let us know.

  4. Kerrie and Mark,
    You continue to be my heroes. When I read the posting yesterday I cried, and was nauseous all day. I do not know the master plan, but I must admit I'm not a fan of it right now. I will continue to stand in prayer for you that God will give you the desires of your heart. When that happens, I will travel to hold your baby and help welcome him or her into the world. I send love and hugs from afar. Much love, Gege

  5. Kerrie and Mark, I can't believe it. I am so upset for you both. i would be asking for the cost of the iVF cycle and the transportation fee to be refunded. How could they have been so careless!!! It just completely and utterly stinks. I don't know why some of us have to endure so much, but I know you won't quit.


  6. Dear Mark & Kerrie
    I am so sorry for you two. I was sick when Stan told me.
    I'm responding to your most recent post as this is the one that reminds me how brave & striong you both are, and how despite all the blows you've been dealt, you maintain your optimism, & know deep in your hearts your day will come. And everyone you've touched with your kindness will celebrate the most deserving parents they know.

    btw Leave it to Mark to find laughter in the toughest of situations. The man is a saint!

    Enjoy as best you can the rest of your stay in India, & look forward to seeing you when you get back.


  7. There are so many people that care about you both. Your post is perfect, it demonstrates that you are pillars of strength and demonstrate such admirable courage. You will both be amazing parents, I have faith that this will happen. Remember that when you have a tough day (which we all do on this journey) and you don't want to be the pillar of strength that you are, we are here for you, just a phone call away, day or night.
    Love to You!!!!


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