Jul 12, 2009

When stress reaches it's climax!

On Friday we received the news that our embryos were at Lilavati! Whew, great news right? Well the second set of news was that the caps on 3 of the 4 vials had fallen off during shipping and we did not know the status of the embryos. Can you imagine the shear devastation we felt? When I got this news I did almost physically vomit. This is the worse case scenario (other than the embies thawing on route). Fortunately the wonderful team we have aligned ourselves with have been very busy trying to help us throughout the weekend. We have heard from Canada and India that the best guesses are that there is minimal damage if any but we will not know until we thaw. So, our black cloud reigns supreme yet again. We are now just keeping the faith and staying as positive as possible until we know the true outcome. Have just heard from India that the embryologists feels the embryos are still in good shape and this indeed gives us hope. We blame no one for this as it is just one of those things that happens, and unfortunately to us.
These are the types of days that I wish I was a drinker! Fortunately Mark and I are rational and logical and take time to assess the situation.
Thanks to all the docs for taking care of us over the last 36 hours and working hard to get us answers. Now the rest of you must say a little prayer for us and our precious embryos.


  1. OMG! I think of all worst case scenarios but never came up with that one. That is crazily unbelievable. I would vomit too.

    I am glad it looks like they are okay ... but heck, you must have been through some pretty awful moments these past few days.

    So sorry!!!


  2. I am sorry to hear that news. How aggrevating! I am sure that everything will be ok. Have faith. We are going to the hospital Tues if you want me to check on them... well, they probably won't let me, but I'll try if you want :)

  3. Kerrie and Mark,
    You know I'll continue to stand in prayer for you day and night. Love, GeGe

  4. I'm with Amani, who ever would have come up with this as a possible scenario!! Stay positive - it only takes ONE to get pregnant, and you've definitely got one straw that wasn't affected (which I'm going to guess has got four or so embryos in it). Big hug!!!

    Lisa B

  5. wow, kerrie! you will have such a story to tell your little one(s). you just can't make this stuff up!!

    best of luck with the embies. you'll be ok - this is not for nothin!


  6. OMG! as if you need another incident. But all is well and hoping for the best. GOOD LUCK and stay positive.

  7. Hope all is well with your embies. Sending good thoughts to you!

  8. Well that just SUCKS! I do hope and pray that this is just a little bump along the way and all will FINALLY start going smoothly. I am so sorry for all the stress you are having to go through. Not fair!


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