Jul 9, 2009

Yackity yak

We leave in 16 days!! Finally it is here and we are so excited. Despite my legs acting up we are trying to organize ourselves for the visit to I N D I A! I am off to the Naturopath on Saturday for his thoughts and treatment on my leg issue. I also got a script for compression stockings for my clotting issue on the long flights. I am going to ask the naturopath about Malaria and Typhoid. I had dinner with my Pindian friend (I say Pindian as he was born in Pakistan , married an Indian girl and has converted to all things Indian). He mentioned the vaccinations and I of course refuse to vaccinate. You may think I am crazy but I believe my autoimmune issue and many out there are caused/triggered by vaccinations. After years of suffering with autoimmune issues the last thing I need to do is add more toxins to my body. Ok, enough of my vaccine rant. So other than the questions of staying healthy, we are trying to ensure we have all we need. We have copies x 5 of our passports, Visa's and marriage certificate. We have the docs numbers printed off and copies of our legal doc. I am not sure what else we need to take so I am calling out to my surro friends to let me know what we are missing. Our embies should hit Mumbai today or tomorrow, and we just pray that they arrived safely!!!
Today Chaya's baby should have been delivered by c-sec and I am dying to hear the updates!! A set of Twin boys were born earlier this week in India and seem to be doing well despite been born a few weeks early. When we land in Mumbai we will meet with couples who are there anticipating baby arrival. We are thrilled to be part of this (not a huge part but part). Nik and Lisa, Stephanie and spouse and Carrie Jo and Shawn will all be on pins and needles waiting for babies while we finally get started trying to make a baby. Rhonda and Gerry are not far behind and sadly we will not see them in Mumbai at the same time as us. Daria leaves tomorrow for Mumbai and our trips will not overlap...nothing but positive vibes for Daria!!! Ocho should be in the tww and we pray again for a positive. Johnny and Darrens trip overlap with ours and they will be in the same stage as us..thank goodness we will have someone to swap stories with. The monsoon season should make this trip even more fun. We have two travel size umbrellas just in case. My friend Nilesh will come to see us from Hyderabad which is quite far from Mumbai. I am really looking forward to seeing him and hopefully he will bring his little son and wife.
Please email me of post here what you think is a necessity for the trip especially on the surrogacy side. Have a great day!


  1. What a good wrap upf everyone who is traveling!! Things are happening fast and you'll be there before you know it :)

  2. Ker, I don't think you're missing anything important so long as you have the paperwork you need. Don't forget to pack swim suits for the hotel. I can't wait to finally meet you! (And you are allowed vaccine rants. I am not a big fan of over-vaccinating).

  3. Hi Kerrie, Don't think you're missing anything from a paperwork perspective. Cameras, of course, maybe some ginger chews or something else to help out with nausea from long car rides -- the trip across Mumbai can take 2 hours to get to the lawyer's office. Oh, we took several bags of little hard candies to hand out to begger children -- it always brought a smile, but also a request for more!
    Looking forward to seeing you!
    Stephanie (and Adam)

  4. I will rack my brain and see what I can dig up for ideas. We didn't get any vaccines on any of our 3 trips and had zero problems. I believe that its more needed when you go to the outer areas not the big city, but its a personal decision obviously.

    Your trip is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited for you guys.

  5. Hi there,

    I didn't get an vaccinations, I guess it's a personal choice. We won't get them again for our third trip and nothing awful happened the first two times, though weren't there during Monsoon.

    Not long now ... best of luck with everything.

  6. Oh My Gosh! Its so close!!!!
    We did not do vaccinations for our two trips either and wont for our third.
    I looked at your list and in thinking through everything the you have the primary things that are most critical.
    I can not wait for your journey there to begin and to get updates. I am jealous you will be with such great people while you are there. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.
    Thinking of you


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