Aug 2, 2009

Last full day in Mumbai (kind of a ramble)

We are sad that this is our last full day. We have not seen some of the people we wished to connect at the Vits tonight anyone?? Today we plan to venture across the street, now at home this sounds like nothing but here we will need to work our way through 8 lanes of chaotic traffic, people, rickshaws in the hundreds and cars. Its a daunting task and one that we now feel we can take on. We can see the sign across the road of the shop we wish to go to yet it seems so far away.Yesterday we ventured to Andheri West to a department store called Shoppers Stop. It was four floors of clothes, bedding, luggage etc...just like any department store at home. Mark got a great shirt there that says "Mumbai, I love". Also on a mission to find Bidi's for Stan. These little cigarettes have been a challenge to find for us and after an unexpected and pleasant visit from Amit last night, we now know what they are called. Speaking of Amit, we are fortunate to have met him. For any other IP's looking for a place to stay, Amit is your guy!! He is the best of the best and a pleasant person to know. Amit had a cup of Tim's last night and quoted the coffee as "brilliant"! This afternoon we are off to see the doctors and get our meds to take home. We think we have a plan in place for our next visit, but need to discuss with the doctors today. We also have a few gifts for our surrogate and her children that we would like to ensure make their way to her. She was a trooper to take on the task and was very disappointed to hear how things ended. When we saw her at the hospital, she was glowing. She adorned a beautiful white and purple Indian dress and was giggling with the SI care takers. I am sure her nerves were shot after suck a long day and the never ending wait. Even tho things did not work out this time for all of, we are optimistic that next time we will all win. So with the horrible news we have had and the challenges we faced just to get here, we know that India and the people have always and will continue to make this path a little easier. The doctors are saints, the IP's are now life long friends and Amit and Ajit will be ready for us on our next visit. Tonight we will have a few drinks at the hotel ~ Nik will come by and we invite all IP's to stop by the Vits for a visit tonight before we leave. All the best to everyone starting out and expecting babies. We do look forward to getting home yet will miss the reality of the shanty town behind us that is better than any reality TV. This town is amazing and the people are glorious. We have enjoyed their company, even though we have not met them. The children play with kites and the dogs lounge around in the heat and the community they have built is one that we could dream of back home. Ajit and I have practiced some Hindi and I get some laughs when I say the worst word in the Hindi language ~ its amazing that even the most offensive word from a westerners mouth can make an Indian man giggle. We are now off for breakfast at 8 am and at home it is 10:30 pm. I hope the time change going home is not to rough.


  1. You guys are so coming on our reunion trip in 2014 (or whenever)!! Happy that you've enjoyed your time in Mumbai as it really is an amazing city, and even happier that Plan 128 is coming together.

    Have fun tonight.

  2. Enjoy the remainder of you time in India. I am so glad that you have plans to move forward. You will get the prize in the end. It just takes some of us a little longer then others.

    What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger! And you both are living proof of this.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Kerrie and Mark,

    What can one person say about two people that have made me feel welcome and to allow me to intrude on their time whilst I wait for my wife to join me here in Mumbai. All I can say is thank you so much and I have enjoyed spend time with you both. I really hope in a few years we can all be at our reunion in 2014 (in Phuket) like we were talking about the other night. hehe.

    But really thank you so much, for your freindship and I really do wish you all the best.


  4. Hi Kerrie,
    Good to read you had a nice stay.
    And I am sure things will work out in the end for you guys too!
    Regs, Niels

  5. Oh Kerrie,
    I am so happy to hear you are looking to your next steps. We all never expect what we get at times but your heart together have showed how you can over come anything.

    Hang in there girly,
    xxoo Amanda

  6. thinking of you every day, dear one. hope you're ok.


  7. Have a safe trip home. I'll see you soon.


  8. Take good care both of you and cannot wait to see you at home.

  9. It's amazing you guys are still working to help and advise others after everything you've been through. Hang in there, good things will come your way


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